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Gary Elling
E-mail:    Phone: 612-205-9330  
Grooming Equipment
  • TiddTech groomer made by John Tidd for the consumer market. Just like the groomers the pros use but in a smaller package. 48" width. Easily pulled by any snowmobile. Packs perfect skate corduroy and crisp classic track. Also does a nice job of busting up boilerplate. In excellent condition. Always stored indoors. We're moving from farm to city so will no longer have use for the groomer. (Also have a snowmobile if you want the complete package.) $600
Email me for more info and/or pics.
Last updated: 2018-9-13 1:00:13

Janelle Jurek
Classic boots, Waxless touring skis
  • Fischer Country Crown fiberglass waxless skis 205 cm. Profil bindings included. Free
  • Salomon classic boots, EUR 42, Profil bindings (fits Fischer Country Crown skis listed above). Free
Southwest Twin Cities metro location. I need room for the skis and boots I use more.
Last updated: 2018-9-10 14:44:23

Brigitte Ketterson
E-mail:    Phone: 952-484-0866  
Skate Boots   updated
  • Salomon S-Lab Skate Pro Boots, Men's Size 8.5, 42 European, from 2013. Used one season on snow for racing only, then one season for roller skiing. Then sat in college storage as skier switched to a different binding system Good shape. $50

Last updated: 2018-9-16 23:15:53

Devin Arenz
Skate, Classic Boots
  • Rossi Premium Skate Boot size 46. Used half a season. $350
  • Atomic World Cup classic boot Prolink size 46 2/3. used half a season. $200
  • Alpina ECL Pro Classic boots size 46. Good shape. $125

Last updated: 2018-9-5 21:39:04

Dan Murphy
Wax Bench
  • Holds two skis- adjustable to any length. Forms are set on a track in an 8' X 2' Plywood Box to catch the wax as you prep your skis. $200

Last updated: 2018-8-31 9:58:41

Russ Ludeke
Bike Trainer
  • Kinetic T-200i bike trainer. Excellent condition because it spent most of it's time in a closet. 6.25 lb flywheel. $100

Last updated: 2018-8-24 15:33:57

Lee Goldstein
E-mail:    Phone: 952-250-6602  
Skate Skis
  • Salomon Equipe 10 skate skis, 192 CM, great shape. Great skis for a high school student that does not want to pay a ton for a great pair of skate skis. Includes bindings $150

Last updated: 2018-8-8 9:09:47

Steve Thon
Telemark Timeshare
  • I am essentially giving away a one-week timeshare at Telemark Condos in Cable, WI. It is for a one-bedroom unit (called a “B Unit”). All fees are up-to-date. These condos are ideally situated for skiers, mountain bikers, snowmobilers and ATV users. The recent major upgrades at the Birkie start line make these the closest lodging to that area. Plans to re-start Telemark Lodge are a bonus. I now have a cabin right down the road so no longer have any use for this. Fees are about $600/year. There is an actual deed for this property. This is a “floating week” which means it is not specifically assigned. It is unlikely that you would get in for the major events such as Birkie or Fat Tire events. Many people trade their time for a vacation elsewhere. The real unrecognized benefit is that as an owner you have access to “surplus” units on short notice. What this means is that if there is a vacant unit three weeks out you can rent it for $150 for 3 nights or $200 for a full week. Having a full condo at the starting line for 3 nights at $50/night is one of the best deals around. My experience has been pretty good at getting a unit for the off-peak weekends. The details for this surplus rental program can be found at the Telemark Condos website under the owners page. It is called the “owners special”.

Last updated: 2018-7-26 21:46:18

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