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John Praxmarer
Cyclocross Bike
  • 54cm Nashbar Aluminum Frame (but made by Giant) Shimano 105 components Stans Iron Cross Tubeless wheels and Vittoria Tires. Frame has the usual scuffs and scratches but has never been crashed. Excellent condition. Great gravel bike. $400 obo

Last updated: 2019-4-19 10:16:33

Robert Johnson
Skis, Poles, Bags, Boots, Waxes   updated
  • Madshus Hypersonic Carbon Skate skis with Salomon SNS Pilot Carbon RS bindings. 195cm. Used, but like new. Comes with a High Sierra ski bag. $250 OBO
  • Salomon S-Lab classic skis (world cup cold) with Salomon SNS Propulse RC bindings. 201cm. Rated for a 143-165lbs skier. Used, but like new. Comes with a custom bag made by my mother. $200 OBO.
  • Fischer RCS Plus classic skis with Fischer SNS Profil bindings. Older ski from the mid-2000s by my guess. Rated for about a 160lbs skier. Good condition, but one of the bindings will need to be remounted. $50 OBO.
  • Fischer CSC classic skis with Salomon SNS Profil bindings. Rated for about a 160lbs skier Also from the mid-2000s. Minor scratches in the base, but otherwise good condition. $60 OBO.
  • Salomon Equipe 7 skate skis with SNS Pilot Sport Skate bindings. 186cm. The bottoms of these are in okay shape, but the tops have a few holes from hitting them with the poles. Would be good for training or rock skis. $50 OBO.
  • Swix Traic 2.0 poles. 165cm. I bought these from the 2014 US Olympic team. Come with an Swix pole bag. $250 OBO. Swix Limited Edition Petter Northug CT2 poles. 165cm. Come with an Exel pole bag. $100 OBO. United States Ski Pole Company XC Signature poles. 160cm. $200 OBO.
  • Swix RC Pro Composite poles. 165cm. $30 OBO.
  • One Way Diamond 950 poles. 165cm. $50 OBO.
  • Salomon RC Carbon Classic Boots. USA 12.5. Used, do not smell, and are like new. $100 OBO.
  • Salomon RS Carbon Skate Boots. USA 12.5. Used, do not smell, and are like new. $100 OBO.
  • Assorted hard waxes: 2 packages of Swix LF 12 combi (red, yellow, and purple), and one package of Swix CH7 (purple). Retails for a total of $78.40. Iíll sell it all for $40.
I am selling all my ski gear because the Army is moving me down south for the next few years and I wonít be able to use it. Unless otherwise stated, all of these items were purchased brand new by me in 2014-2015. If youíre interested, please call or text me at (612) 839-8363 or email. I cannot always answer my phone, so leave a message or text and Iíll get back to you. I am located near the U of MN campus.
Last updated: 2019-4-15 0:06:41

Brian Vamstad
Pursuit Boots   updated
  • Gently used 2018-2019 Rossignol Premium Carbon Pursuit Cross Country Ski Combi Boots. Size 42 EU, US Men's 9. Top of the line. Provides great ankle support and downhill control for classic. My feet need a little more heel support, otherwise they are awesome boots. Under 100km use (including Birkie). Bummed to sell them, and offering way below what I paid. Still retailing for around $500 on sale. $200
Pictures available. Free shipping to lower 48.
Last updated: 2019-4-18 11:17:18

Hannes Stenstrom
Skate, Classic Skis
  • Salomon S/Lab Carbon Skate (16/17), 192 cm. Medium grind. Works well in intermediate conditions. $300.
  • Salomon S/Lab Carbon Skate (16/17), 192 cm. White base, coarse grind. Works well in warm conditions. $300.
  • Salomon S/Lab Carbon Skate (17/18), 192 cm. Fine grind, works well in cold conditions. $320.
  • Salomon S/Lab Carbon Skate (17/18), 192 cm. Medium grind, works well in all conditions below freezing. $320.
  • Salomon S/Lab Carbon Classic (17/18), 207 cm. Medium grind, works well in most conditions. $320.
  • Salomon S/Lab Carbon Classic (16/17), 202 cm. Warm grind, white base. Works well in klister conditions. $300.
  • Fischer RCS Classic Carbonlite (10/11), 207 cm. Old but gold! Have had so many great races on these skis. Fine grind, works well in all conditions below freezing. $275.
  • Fischer RCS Classic Carbonlite (12/13), 207 cm. Same with these, a bit older but some of my all time favorite skis. Medium grind, works well in conditions below freezing and slightly above freezing. $275.
Up for sale is a bunch of Nordic racing skis. I'm a college skier and as it is right now I have too many skis so I have to get rid of a few pairs. They are all only used for racing in Scandinavia and the US collegiate circuit, and very well maintained with no scratches in the bases. Really fast skis for anyone who enjoys Nordic skiing! All skis are suitable for a skier between 150-170 lbs. Mounted with SNS bindings. All skis can be viewed at The College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, can ship if buyer pays for shipping. Shoot me an email if you're interested or want more info.
Last updated: 2019-3-27 23:46:52

Michael Choate
Skate Boots, Skis
  • KV+ skate boot, 2019 new in the box size 45. Made by Alpina, same as CSK but with KV+ graphics. Probably the only one in the U S. $275
  • Rossignol X-ium skate boot, low volume size 45. 2016 nice condition. $125
  • Rossignol S1 WCS 197 skis, like new, best fit for 155-165 lb. $275
  • Madshus hypersonic classic wet skis, 200cm, older but good condition. Best fit 145-155lb. $99
Pics per request
Last updated: 2019-4-2 12:01:19

Lake Forest, IL
Rich Kosmerl
Ski Boots, Poles
  • Salomon 9.1 RC striding boots (top of the line in late 90's) European size 43 1/3. Salomon profil binding. Good shape, only missing tab on right boot. Not much use since I was primarily a skater. $10
  • Salomon Vitane 4 boots. Probably woman's size 8.5 or 9. Used a handful of times at most. $15
  • Swix Alulight, 137.5 CM. Not perfect since a little cork missing around handle. Ask for pictures. $10
  • Exel Integra, about 155 CM. I am 5'7" and used them for skating. Great condition. $15
Send me an email for pictures. I will deliver for free from Milwaukee south to Chicago and suburbs.
Last updated: 2019-3-9 16:15:13

Ralph Schwartz
E-mail:    Phone: 6512954777  
Kick Wax
  • 3 Start tar kick waxes, 2 are older, one newer. The newer Terva wax is for 20-28 degrees, the older tars are for 28-32 and 33-36. went on a wax buying frenzy a number of years back and these got lost in the shuffle. All waxes have been used at most twice. $5 each
  • 3 older Start fluoro kick waxes, blue and green. went on a wax buying frenzy a number of years back and these got lost in the shuffle. All waxes have been used at most twice. $5 each
If you want then shipped to you pay the freight.
Last updated: 2019-3-9 14:09:23

Brattleboro, VT
Spencer Knickerbocker
  • Swix RaceX Suit mens large. Top worn a handful of times, bottoms are brand new! $80
Email for pictures, I will 2-day ship for free!
Last updated: 2019-3-14 8:58:28

Spokane, WA
Mark Potter
E-mail:    Phone: 509-990-9374  
Classic Skis
  • Madshus Birkebeiner carbon classic skis, 195 CM, 41mm tail 44mm mid 46mm top, last years model, mid range 145 pound skier, very stable. $95
  • Salomon LAB Equipe Classic skis, 206cm, mid flex 48, 80kg to 95 kg, NIS plate and Rottefella Classic medium binding. Skis with bindings $185, Skis only $110
Shipping additional $15 from Spokane, WA. Pictures available. Call or text 509-990-9374
Last updated: 2019-3-16 15:54:21

Ralph Schwartz
E-mail:    Phone: 6512954777  
  • Fastwax Flite 11 block for 25-42 degrees. This is equivalent to the current Flite 11 Warm. 95% unused. Instructions included. I will throw in some older Fastwax pure fluoro powder...enough to wax one pair of skis. $50

Last updated: 2019-3-11 16:25:53

Gary Maher
Classic Boots
  • Alpina 2018 ECL PRO Classic size 42. Only used about 10 times. Too narrow for my foot. $125

Last updated: 2019-2-26 11:50:48

Bill Bowler
Skate Skis, Classic Skis, Sunglasses
  • Fischer Speedmax Cold Skate Skis. These skis have a Caldwell Sport G5 grind, which was developed and tested on the Birkie trail for cold conditions. These skis are 192 cm and would be good for a skier who is 170 lbs+. Asking $330
  • Madshus Redline Cold Skate Skis. These skis have a BNS S0.3 grind, which is a good all-around cold grind and is especially good in very cold weather. They are 195 cm, and would be good for a skier who is 170 lbs+. Asking $295
  • Fischer Zero Classic Skis with Salomon Pilot bindings, '07 model. These skis are 207 cm and would be good for a skier who is 175 lbs+. Asking $175.
  • Adidas Supernova Pro sunglasses, very good condition. Included is a hard case with 2 brand new extra sets of lenses, one clear and one lightly tinted for low light/snow. Asking $150.
Buyer pays shipping
Last updated: 2019-2-22 15:11:51

Adrienne Walts
Classic Boots
  • Alpina Classic Touring Boots, Size 47, Model: NNN104, $15
Pictures available on request.
Last updated: 2019-1-26 16:20:39

Bruce Adelsman
Classic Skis
  • Salomon Equipe 10 Classic Zeros, 196cm, rated for 120-130 lbs. Zero skis from roughly 2010? Used by former State Champion, used for JNs and collegiate racing. NNN bindings. $150
Photos available by request.
Last updated: 2019-3-6 16:06:51

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