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October 10, 2018


Borah Teamwear Partners with 906 Adventure Team

Borah Teamwear is proud to announce their strategic partnership with 906 Adventure Team. Per the agreement, Borah Teamwear will be the exclusive apparel provider for the Marji Gesick, Polar Roll, HAMR, 906 Composite NICA Team, and Adventure Bike Club. In addition, 906 Adventure Team will be outfitted with gear from Borah Teamwear, along with a 906 Adventure team online store located at www.borahteamwear.com, where 15% of each sale will go back to support the 906 Adventure Team. “We could not be more excited about this strategic alliance between Borah Teamwear and 906 Adventure Team”, said Chris Jackson, Borah Teamwear’s owner. “Having the opportunity to partner with another organization who shares our values of inspiring individuals to get outdoors and to live a positive and healthy lifestyle is what we are all about, it is also at the core of the 906 Adventure Team”, added Jackson. The two organizations will be working closely together, Borah will play a key role in helping to promote the overall growth of 906 Adventure Team as they expand their reach into other markets. 906 Adventure Team will be an advocate for Borah Teamwear, promoting their goods as they expand their reach across the Midwest and ultimately the entire US. “We are excited to be working with Midwest based Borah Teamwear for all of our Adventure Team and event apparel”, said Todd Poquette, 906 Adventure Team President and Founder. "We’ve experienced a lot of growth this year in our youth programs and adult events so we needed to align with a company whom we can have confidence the job will get done right, and of course, on time. Borah has been manufacturing apparel for over 20 years, they are a company we can trust and allow us to keep our focus on carrying out the Adventure Team mission”, added Poquette. For more information about 906 Adventure Team, please visit www.906adventureteam.com.

About Borah Teamwear

In business since 1997, Borah Teamwear has grown to become a premier manufacturer of high-quality custom sublimated active outdoor apparel. Borah’s offering includes cycling, running, triathlon, nordic, alpine and casual wear. All of Borah’s products are 100% custom made at the company’s solar-powered headquarters in Coon Valley, WI, where the latest technological advancements in apparel design and production are utilized.

About 906 Adventure Team

Founded in 2014 the 906 Adventure Team has established a reputation for developing adventure-based youth programs intended to introduce kids to adventure in their communities and create strong, thriving youth communities. The competition does not pit kids against one

another but instead brings them together and encourages each to seek personal competition focused on effort, respect, consistency (good habits), and grit (because we need to teach kids how to be tough). Youth participating in 906 programs are encouraged to direct their focus not on results but on what they do each day to change or impact those results in a positive way. While many traditional sport programs struggle with becoming more exclusive as kids get older and an environment where success can be scarce - the 906 Adventure Team is proud to offer an activity and lifestyle youth will take with them into adulthood. Their bike programs offer 100% participation because a bike doesn’t move unless it’s pedaled. Throw out the benches – everyone will get a chance to participate on a level playing field. The adventure programs are relevant to kids who seek a cross-training opportunity and particularly important to those kids who do not have an interest in traditional athletics but love to ride bikes and need to stay active.

When they’re not working with kids and developing the future cycling community the Adventure Team can be found challenging adults to #findtheirlimits in physically and mentally demanding events such as the Marji Gesick 100, called by Jeremiah Bishop the hardest single-day mountain bike event in the country, and others such as Polar Roll, and HAMR. Be sure to learn more about their Triple Crown and how you can be inducted to the Hall of Pain.

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