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Racing Roundup

March 18, 2018

With Junior Nationals consuming a lot of our attention in early March, we missed out on a number of Midwest athletes racing in competitions outside the region.   In particular, there was a U16 Championships in New England where a number of Midwest skiers scored podium placings, Canadian Nationals all last week with Caitlin Gregg on the podium a couple of times as well as a strong LNR presence, and finally overseas, Rosie Frankowski scoring victories on the OPA Cup circuit, and a number of Midwest skiers getting their shot as well.

Mar 9-11 U16 Championships - Results

  • Mar 9 5K freestyle
    • Celeste Alden 2nd, Sydney Peterson 4th, Johanna Schwinghamer 18th, Nina Chosy 33rd
    • Roger Anderson 3rd, William Nemeth 4th, Garrett Walters 8th, Jake Van Hefty 16th
  • Mar 10 5K classic
    • Celeste Alden 16th, Johanna Schwinghamer 23rd, Sydney Peterson 24th, Nina Chosy 53rd
    • Garrett Walters 3th, William Nemeth 5th, Roger Anderson 15th, Jake Van Hefty 21st
  • Mar 10 1.25K skicross
    • Sydney Peterson 6th, Johanna Schwinghamer 12th, Celeste Alden 15th, Nina Chosy 33rd
    • Garrett Walters 6th, Jake Van Hefty 8th, William Nemeth 17th, Roger Anderson 19th
  • Mar 11 4x3K mixed relay
    • 5th (guest #1) Sydney Peterson, William Nemeth, Celeste Alden,  Jake Van Hefty
    • 9th (guest #2) Johanna Schwinghamer, Garrett Walters, Nina Chosy, Roger Anderson

Mar 10-17 Canadian Nationals - Results

  • Mar 10 Team Sprints
    • Boys LNR 3rd (Joe Lynch, Henry Hall)
  • Mar 11 Classic Interval Start
    • Womens 5K Caitlin Gregg 2nd
    • Mens 10K Brian Gregg 9th, Kyle Bratrud 11th
    • Boys 10K Henry Hall 6th (many more outside top 25)
    • Girls 5K Rana Kraftson 26th (more outside top 25)
  • Mar 13 Freestyle Pursuit
    • Womens 10K Caitlin Gregg 1st
    • Mens 15K Brian Gregg 11th
    • Boys 7.5K Joe Lynch 8th, Charlie Reinhardt 12th, Henry Hall 14th (more outside top 25)
    • Girls 10K Rana Kraftson 12th, Charlie Brown 14th  (more outside top 25)
  • Mar 14 Long Sprints
    • Womens Caitlin Gregg 4th (A final)
    • Mens Brian Gregg 9th (semis)
  • Mar 15 Short Sprints
    • none
  • Mar 17 Classic Mass Start
    • Womens 28K Caitlin Gregg 6th

Alpen Cup (OPA Cup) 

Mar 3-4 OPA Continential Cup, Cogne, Italy - Results

  • Mar 3 Ladies 10K classic, Rosie Frankowski 1st
  • Mar 3 Mens 15K classic, Adam Martin 14th, Ben Saxton 55th
  • Mar 4 Ladies 15K freestyle pursuit, Rosie Frankowski 1st
  • Mar 4 Mens 15K freestyle pursuit, Adam Martin 24th, Ben Saxton 49th

Mar 16-18 OPA Continential Cup Finals, Baqueira Beret, Spain - Results

  • Mar 16 Womens freestyle sprints - qualifying, Alayna Sonnesyn 11th, Felicia Gesior 18th; heats,  Alayna Sonnesyn 26th, Felicia Gesior 28th (quarterfinals)
  • Mar 16 Mens freestyle sprints - qualifying, Ben Saxton 4th, Adam Martin 43rd; heats, Ben Saxton 7th (semis)
  • Mar 17 Womens 10K classic, Alayna Sonnesyn 26th, Felicia Gesior 28th
  • Mar 18 Womens 10K freestyle pursuit, Felicia Gesior 28th (Alayna Sonnesyn DNS)

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