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Doug Boonstra
MNHSNSCA President

March 29, 2018


Spring Meeting/Voting/Jessie

Welcome to spring! I hope you got in some personal skiing in this spring after the hectic HS season, and are enjoying some ‘down’ time. Here are some details for the spring meeting, directions for voting, and a reminder for a welcome home event for Jessie Diggins.

  1. I heard quite clearly at the State Meet meeting, that many are interested in having some coaches education as a part of our spring meeting. So, CXC will be putting on a Level 100 Certification course. This course must have a technical component, and a theory or classroom component. I am anticipating that some would like the option of doing the theory or classroom portion at home on their own time, which will be reflected in the schedule below. We will be having a special guest with us for the clinic as well. Kyle Bratrud, All-American skier from Eden Prairie and NMU, National Champion, 2x World Championship Team member, and current CXC Team Member will be with us to provide insight and perhaps demonstrate.

    April 21st Spring Meeting Agenda/Schedule:

    • 9:00-11:30 Level 100 Course (*) – Technical Component – roller ski’s, helmet, poles, outdoor wear.
    • 11:30-12:30 Coaches Association Meeting
    • 12:30-1:15 Lunch
    • 1:15-3:45 Level 100 Course – Theory/Classroom Component / Test (I will try and have a test option before lunch for those doing this component at home)

    * If you remember back in the fall, I sent an update on what a local club was doing in terms of sending letters out to HS coaches and wanting to train their top athletes for 4 days per week during the season, and giving us 2 days with them. Why would your athlete feel a need to do that if we are offering sound training, founded on good principles in a team atmosphere with their HS classmates? Well, here is an opportunity for us to keep ourselves up to date on our education, as well as get our asst. coaches up to speed as well.

  2. Here are the links for the Bio’s on the Nominees for Head Coach of the Year, Asst. Coach of the Year, Volunteer of the Year, and Coaches Association President for 2018-2020. Voting will close on TAX DAY April 15 to allow enough time for us to order the new cars that will be awarded to the winners.
    Bios of Nominees - Voting Link 
    Please make sure to vote for all 4 categories, including the next term President, who take over on April 22, 2018. 

  3. In case you have not heard, there will be a welcome home celebration to honor Minnesota’s own Gold Medalist, Jessie Diggins. More information for the event on April 14.

I look forward to seeing you all up in Mora on Saturday April 21.

Happy Easter,

Doug Boonstra
Nordic Association President

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