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Denny Green

January 8, 2019


ABC Relays

Here are some last minute things for you as we prepare for Saturday's ABC's Invitational Relay's.

First, please make sure that you get your A and B relay teams to Charlie Rietschel by noon Thursday, January 10: Charles.Rieschel@ahschools.us. Bib pick up will be near the Timing Shed starting at about 8:30.

Second, with the limited parking at Wirth Park, buses will be allowed to park in the main lot, and hopefully the overflow lot across the road, but if there is not enough room, they are allowed to park in the Wirth Beach lot that is south of Hwy 55.

Third, for your parents/fans, there will be a few more options for parking. To help, and if possible, have them car pool, but the parking lots by the new chalet will be available as will be the bigger main lot at the main chalet. If the main lot is full, there will hopefully be an overflow lot near the main lot. They can also park at the Wirth Beach lot. There are ski trails from that lot to Wirth, so this may be an option for those parents who like to ski, if there is any snow. Also, please tell anyone driving that they are NOT allowed to park on any of the neighborhood streets or on Wirth Parkway.

Fourth, time schedule. We will have a Coaches meeting at 9:30 in the start/finish area. The first race will be the boys at 10:00, followed by the girls at 11:30. We will try to have the awards as soon as possible, so please make sure all names are in to help make this part run quickly, but plan for an award ceremony around 1:00 at the Old Main Chalet, since the buses will be parked in that area plus we are able to get the skiers up higher for pictures and such.

Fifth, the Old Main Chalet is not available. We will have access to the new Chalet though. They are asking that no one uses the area to the left when you enter the main doors, and to only use the larger open area for teams. They are working on having a table or two for each team, but space will still be limited with the number of skiers we will have (we currently have 18 schools this year). So, if needed, please have your athletes use the bus for keeping their gear and the Chalet for getting warm, information, or possibly team food.

Sixth, we will be using the lower stadium area for the Start/Exchange/Finish and are working on having two separate courses for the classic and skate skiers. This is NOT definite yet though. I am currently still working on our options for the courses, but once I hear a final answer, I will let you know. But expect the course to be between 2.5K and 3K.

Lastly, and sorry for the length of this, there will be T-shirts for sale again this year. The shirts will be $10 and will be sold near the Start/Exchange/Finish area, same place as Bib Pick Up.

Thanks again for being a part of the ABC Relay's and if there are any questions, please let me know,

Denny Green
Coon Rapids Nordic Skiing

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