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Minnesota High School Nordic Skiing Rankings - Round 3

January 22, 2019

Racing action has picked up and with another JNQ in the books, its time to revise the rankings ...


Let's get the bad news out of the way first:  we were informed last week that the Albrecht siblings of Stillwater, Emma and Caden, will not be eligible for sections and thus the state meet.  Considering both were ranked in the top 15, it causes some considerable changes.  

On a more positive view, there have been some great movers in the rankings.  Peter Moore, SPA, survives a tough crash in the classic sprints last Saturday and shows the grit to comeback on Sunday and finish 4th overall in the 10K classic on Sunday!  Moore moves to #3 in the rankings.  For the gals, Mae Barnes, Armstrong, and Lauren McCollor, Wayzata (sister to Mara), both have been rapidly improving this season and jump up in the rankings (and elevate their team as well).

Meanwhile, its good to see most at the top cranked out performances that matched:  Luci Anderson, Armstrong, dominated the entire field in classic on both days in Cable last weekend.   And the Nemeth brothers (Alex, Zach and Will) all finished in the top 15 of the U18 ranks, cementing their team #1 ranking.

Some skiers to keep an eye on as we head toward conference championships:  Jasper Johnston, Ely, Declan Hutchinson, Marshall School, Olivia Schwintek, White Bear Lake, and Margo Nightingale (8th grade!), MPA.

Some shuffling in the team rankings, but confidence is still weak on the order outside of roughly the top 5.   

With JNQs done until post-State Meet we expect to see skiers picking up their performances in conference races, so hopefully better data for the next round of rankings!  Help us out by continuing to submit those high school results.

Boys Individual

  1. Alex Nemeth, St. Cloud Cathedral-Sartell, 12
  2. Garrett Beckrich, Grand Rapids, 12
  3. Peter Moore, SPA, 12
  4. Cooper Lennox, Mora, 11
  5. James Schneider, Wayzata, 11
  6. Matthew Bourne, MPA, 12
  7. Henry Hall, Mpls Southwest, 12
  8. PJ Rubin, Edina, 12
  9. Victor Sparks, Mpls Southwest, 10
  10. Charlie Reinhardt, Mound Westonka, 12

Cusp: Jasper Johnston, Ely, 10; Henry Snider, Mounds Park Academy, 11; Zach Nemeth, St. Cloud Cathedral-Sartell, 11; Roger Anderson, Robbinsdale-Armstrong, 10; William Nemeth, St. Cloud Cathedral-Sartell, 11; Ethan Erickson, Forest Lake, 11; Isak Nightingale, Mounds Park Academy, 9; Declan Hutchinson, Marshall School, 10; Aidan Ripp, CEC, 12; Adrik Kraftson, Stillwater, 9.

Girls Individual

  1. Mara McCollor, Wayzata, 12
  2. Lucinda Anderson, Robbinsdale-Armstrong, 12
  3. Libby Tuttle, Stillwater, 11
  4. Molly Moening, St. Paul Highland Park, 9
  5. Regan Duffy, Forest Lake, 12
  6. Amelea Hauer, Forest Lake, 10
  7. Sarah Olson, Blaine, 12
  8. Olivia Schwintek, White Bear Lake, 12
  9. Mae Barnes, Robbinsdale-Armstrong, 12
  10. Lauren McCollor, Wayzata, 10

Cusp: Leah Rudd, Robbinsdale-Armstrong, 12; Celeste Alden, St. Paul Highland Park, 10; Gretchen Haggenmiller, Duluth East, 11; Charlotte Brown, Benilde-St.Margaret’s, 11; Margo Nightingale, Mounds Park Academy, 8; Anni Skillicorn, Winona-Winona Cotter, 10; Kaelin Jackson, Hopkins, 11; Annika Viren, Grand Rapids, 12; Sudie Hall, Mpls Southwest, 10; Tessier Violet, Lakeville South, 12.

Boys Team

  1. St. Cloud Cathedral-Sartell
  2. Forest Lake
  3. Mpls Southwest
  4. Stillwater
  5. Robbinsdale-Armstrong
  6. Ely
  7. Mounds Park Academy
  8. St. Paul Highland Park
  9. Cloquet-Esko-Carlton
  10. Eden Prairie

Cusp: Grand Rapids; Minnetonka; Marshall School; Duluth East; Edina.

Girls Team

  1. Robbinsdale-Armstrong
  2. St. Paul Highland Park
  3. Stillwater
  4. Wayzata
  5. Forest Lake
  6. Duluth East
  7. Mpls Southwest
  8. Andover
  9. Ely
  10. Grand Rapids

Cusp: Winona-Winona Cotter; Mora; Mpls Washburn; Roseville; Eden Prairie.

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