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These reports are maintained by readers like you. Let us know about the skiing conditions in your area via our Ski Trail Report form. If you'd like to send along some photos, please e-mail those as attachment and we'll plug them into your report.
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Wisconsin Northwest

      Cable/Hayward area [ forecast/conditions ]
    • Apr 10 - Birkie Trail (Hayward): 
      [ Trails Open: Most, Good skis ]

      The trek up North was worth it. I made it out before the snow transitioned. Trails were firm -not boiler plate. I strided around the OO loops in the mid morning and the tracks were deep, firm and icy in spots but very skiable with skins. Late morning I skated to the high point on the skate trail and back to OO on the classic trail. The skate deck was firm and very fast, icy only in occasional sun-exposed areas. Two sets of classic tracks looked nice. I could definitely skate relaxed and with control. One word of caution: there were 2 bare spots on hills on the classic trail, about 2K form OO, that have only a narrow path to ski around. If travelling south on the classic trail, you will be going down hill into to these spots. Luckily someone left tree branches standing in the trail to mark them and gave me time to slow down and navigate around the bare ground.
      (Bob Peterson)


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