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Metro MN Minnesota Metro Area
Afton 1  Afton Loop    50.0k      
  The famous Afton 50K course, one of the top rollerski courses around. Start at the parking lot at Oak-land Jr. High. Pros: Quiet roads and big hills; nice break in Afton. Absolutely heaven in the fall. Cons: Not the place for beginners or for an easy workout. 
Afton 2  Afton-Lakeland Bike Trail    5k      
  This trail is on a bike path that goes from Afton to Lakeland on the Minnesota side of the Saint Croix River Valley. Compared to the Afton Loop on the area roads, the course is very flat. The trail goes from Afton through Saint Mary's Point, Lake Saint Croix Beach, Lake Saint Croix and Lakeland Shores on its way to Lakeland. The path runs parallel to Old Highway 95 now renamed Washington County 18. Park in Afton and rollerski north to join the bike path at the Afton City Hall. The distance is 5 kilometers from end to end for a 10K round trip. (Submitted by Jay Tegeder) Pros: Fairly good asphalt on a flat trail which is a nice change of pace from the hilly Afton roads. Training in the Saint Croix Valley is always a plus. If you want some hills, you can always hook up with the Afton area roads. After rollerskiing, you can stop at Selma's in Afton for ice cream. Cons: The trail is flat and fairly close to Washington County 18 which it parallels. Also, there are numerous driveway and street crossings. 
Bloomington 3  Bloomington Ferry Road Bike Trail    6k      
  Trail starts at parking lot at north end of new bike bridge over Minnesota River on Bloomington Ferry Road. Trail is bike/pedestrian/ski only for first half. Second half continues on road to parking lot at south end on Hwy 101 in Shakopee. (Submitted by Dave Harju) Pros: North end of trail is new smooth wide trail. Great for double poling. Cons: South end of trail is on frontage road recently opened to traffic. (Traffic is light -- road deadends at start of bike trail). 
Bloomington 4  Hyland Lake Park Reserve    1 recent reports 5.3m       763-694-7687
  Hyland revamped their entire trail system in 1999, fixing tricky corners and laying down brand new pavement. Daily or annual fee required. Note: Hyland recently posted notice that no poling should be done on the trails on days over 80F. Pros: Very smooth pavement with a great variety to the terrain. Cons: Two road crossings; somewhat busy, especially on weekends; asphalt a little soft on hot days. 
Brooklyn Park 5  Shingle Creek Regional Trail    10m      
  This flat trail connects Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park with Elm Creek Park Reserve. It makes a nice loop if you begin at the dam, head over and do the trails at Elm Creek and then return to the dam. (Submitted by Kurt Refsnider) Pros: Adds variety to skiing at only Elm Creek; not too busy on week days. Cons: Several major road crossings; the pavement is cracked and rough in many areas. 
Burnsville 6  Sunset Pond Park    ??      
  A short and fairly flat trail suitable for rollerskiing is the trail around the pond at Sunset Pond Park in Burnsville. It is part of the Burnsville Parks system and more information could be obtained by contacting the Parks and Recreation department at the City of Burnsville. Sunset Pond is located on the west side of Burnsville, not far off of Burnsville Parkway (West of Highway 5 and North of County Road 42 in Burnsville). The Burnsville High School cross country ski team often practiced there before the snow came last winter. (Submitted by Matt Heisel) 
Coon Rapids 7  Bunker Hills Regional Park    6m      
  Slightly hilly terrain, a good place for beginners. Also connects to about 4 miles of bike trails thru area neighborhoods. Part of the Anoka Park system, daily or annual fee required. (Submitted by Joe Gerard) 
Cottage Grove 8  Cottage Grove Ravine Regional Park    5.6K       651-430-8240
  Hills and wooded ravines. Some new trail was added in 2003. 
Eagan 9  Cray Park - Performance Drive    1m      
  1 mile loop called Performance Drive which is off of Lone Oak Drive near the intersection of Lone Oak Road and Lone Oak Drive in Eagan. Look for the Wam!Net sign. (Submitted by Bob Larson) Pros: Nice hilly loop. Low traffic during non-work hours. Good surface for poles. Surrounded my scenic prairie. Smooth surface for wheels. Large parking lot adjacent which is also good for rollerskiing. Cons: It is private property with security and you might be asked to leave. So far, it has been used several times by a particular ski group in the evenings with no incidents. There are street lights, but the lighting is not very good after dusk. 
Fridley 10  Mississippi River Regional Trail    22K      
  Alternate starts from Columbia Arena or Coon Rapids Dam, links to Hennepin Trails. This is a mixture of low traffic residential streets, separated bikeways, and park trails. It's not as glamorous or pretty as Elm Creek or Afton, but a nice change for a long, flattish trail. Can easily be extended to go as far as you like. Pros: Short drive to get there. Low trail traffic. Cons: A few rough spots in trail, lots of driveways. (Submitted by Marsh Jones) 
Fridley 11  Rice Creek West Regional Trail    8K      
  Eastern end (Long Lake to Stinson Ave) is smooth, new pavement, but westward from Stinson is all old asphalt that is very bumpy and cracked, as well as the trail having a few nasty hills and curves. Still, the trail allows a skier to bridge from Long Lake to the Mississippi River Regional Trail. 
Hugo/Forest Lake 12  Hardwood Creek Trail    19K      
  This trail was an old railroad bed that was paved over in summer of 1999. It runs parallel to Hwy 61 from Hugo all the way to Forest Lake. Where to access the trail in Hugo: Park in the gravel lot next to the feed mill or use the large Subway restaurant lot. (Submitted by Matt Miller) Pros: Not alot of use -- yet; Trail is a stone's throw from my house. Cons: FLAT -- no hills whatsoever. 
Lake Elmo 13  Lake Elmo Park Reserve    7-8k       651-430-8370
  Gentle rolling hills through woods and prarie along the lake. (Submitted by Michael Kubes) Pros: Not many people out and about on it. Cons: Some bumpy pavement. 
Mahtomedi 14  CR 12 - Stillwater Route    8m      
  Trail starts from around the Mahtomedi High School parking lot and goes towards Stillwater. It follows Stillwater Rd. or County Rd. 12. (Submitted by Greg Fangel) Pros: New blacktop in the last year or two and many rolling hills. There are some good hills for 3-4 minute intervals. The trail is not very crowded as most people migrate to the Gateway Trail. Cons: Traffic noise is bothersome at times, being next to the County Rd. 
Maple Grove 15  Elm Creek Park Reserve    15mi       763-694-7894
  Long trail system with sections of open prairies, woods, and some nice hills. Southern trails repaved in 2003. Pros: Low traffic, excellent trail surface, some good hills. Cons: Three gravel road crossings. 
Maple Plain 16  Baker Park Reserve    10k       763-476-4666
  Trails were completely repaved in the spring of 2001. Daily or annual fee required. Note: With the repaving, Baker has now posted notice that no poling should be done on the trails on days over 80F. Pros: Ultra smooth, nice, rolling trails; group camp road great for technique workouts. Cons: New pavement is heat-sensitive (pole divets); a few minor road crossings. 
Marine on St. Croix 17  Pine Point Park Loop    12-14K      
  Starting at Pine Point Park (the end of the Gateway) ski north on the off road trail to Hwy 7 then east to Square Lake on 8 foot wide shoulder. Once at Square Lake you have 3 hills to choose from for hill repeats. (Submitted by Steve Thatcher) Pros: Square Lake lies at the bottom of a 3 hill saddle where you can ski up one hill, turn around, go back down, ski up another and so on till your legs are rubber. Good warm up/cool down getting there from Pine Point. Wide shoulder good skiable hills. Cons: Parts of shoulder a bit rough, expansion joints and some gravel. 
Mendota 18  Big Rivers Regional Trail    5K      
  Converted rail bed runs from Hwy 13 and Mendota Hts Rd north to Hwy 35E bridge over the Mississippi River in Lilydale. Heavily shaded; runs along Minnesota & Mississippi Rivers. (Submitted by Dan Steger) Pros: Shadey, wide, surface but not sealcoated. Nice gradual hill section for long intervals. Cons: A couple street crossings. 
Mendota Heights 19  Mendota Heights Loop    18K      
  The loop starts on and includes part of the Big River Trail, climbing the yacht club hill to access some big hills in Mendota Hgts residential areas. To get back to the Big River Trail requires coming down Hwy 13 into Mendota from the south (brakes pretty well needed or dismounting and walking down). (Submitted by Bill Quinn) Pros: Six or seven major climbs and some black ice pavement on the loop east of I35. Cons: Some rough pavement. Traffic in residential areas. Two downhills into T intersections. 
Minneapolis 20  City of Lakes    9m      
  Location: SW Mpls: Harriet, Calhoun, Isles Lakes, about 3 mi. per lake. (Submitted by Jim Farrell) Pros: Recent repave on Harriet and Calhoun, good sight lines, great views, friendly natives, multi-users share trail well. To fit in, announce yourself, "passing, on your left." and also be prepared to make room for others. I have had no trouble with the crowds. The only hill, on Wm. Berry, between Harriet and Calhoun, is good for 30 sec. repeats, I use the road here. Cons: The masses are to be avoided on the first glorious Saturday afternoon of the season, but each weekday evening has been fine so far. The trail is flat, one road crossing and a quarter mile section of concrete on Calhoun's SE shore reminds you to do that 20% of your workout without poles. 
Minneapolis 21  Kenilworth Trail    2.8K      
  Connects the Midtown Greenway to the Cedar Lake Trail. A great addition to a wonderful trail system right in the city. The trails now also link to the Lakes. (Submitted by Erik Riese) Pros: Most of the divided trail is 10 feet wide in each direction. The asphalt is new and very smooth. Cons: There are two road crossing, one of which is very busy during rush hours. 
Minneapolis 22  Midtown Greenway    6m      
  Midtown 29th street greenway, complete 6 mile stretch between Cedar Lake and the Mississippi. (Submitted by Jim Farrell) Pros: Nice, fresh, soft asphalt to be kind to your sore wrists, elbows, etc. The path is wide with ramp access at a number of streets. Cons: Straight flat course offers little scenery in the trench. Several street crossings on the east side. 
Minneapolis 23  North Mississippi Park    3m      
  Squeezed in between I-94 and the Mississippi, this hidden gem offers flat to gently rolling trails right along the rivers edge. Both north and south ends of the trail have connections to other trail systems. 
Minneapolis 24  Theodore Wirth Parkway Trail    4m      
  The asphalt biking trail along Theodore Wirth Parkway was repaved in the summer of 2003. They also regraded a few of the hills, making them better suited for inline skating/rollerskiing. A very pretty trail system in the heart of Minneapolis. Pros: Smooth surface, scenic. Cons: A couple of road crossings, including Hwy 55. 
Minneapolis 25  West River Road Bike Path    ??      
  The bike path along West River Road in Minneapolis between the I 94 Bridge and just south of the Franklin Bridge. The path there goes up a long hill and is great for hill repeats. It's a great place that's in the city. Also, you can continue rollerskiing south and north of the hill but be aware that the course is very flat to the south. (Submitted by Jay Tegeder) 
Minneapolis/St. Louis Park 26  Cedar Lake Trail    6K      
  Two lane asphalt "bike highway" that goes from Downtown Mpls to Highway 100 near 394 in St. Louis Park. Good sightlines. Street parking usually available at halfway point on Kenwood Parkway, down the hill from Mt. Curve Ave. (Submitted by Dan Gilchrist) Pros: Smooth asphalt trail. In the middle of the city. Good sightlines. Cons: Some concrete sections. Some safety concerns at dusk/after dark near the RR tracks. 
Minnetonka 27  Lake Minnetonka LRT Regional Trail    10m      
  Limestone trails that seem to go on forever. Very beautiful as you get out towards the Lake Minnetonka area. (Submitted by Greg Thueringer) Pros: Hard packed Lime stonetrails. Perfect for the off road roller skis. Cons: Must have off road rollerskis. Normal rollerskis get hung up with all he rocks on the trail. 
Minnetonka 28  Minnetonka Trails-Loop System    1.6K      
  The trail is located on the northwest corner of 494 & Minnetonka Blvd. It can be accessed by driving north from Mtka Blvd up McGinty Rd. about 1/2 mile. There you will find a small, gravel parking area. Follow the asphalt path into the woods. You will cross a bridge over Stone Rd. From there, the trail heads due north 1 mile, with 5 rolling hills to Oakland Rd, the recommended turnaround point. A few fast Master skiers, (not me), and aspiring high school XC skiers have been sighted using this trail. (Submitted by Todd Flom) Pros: No car traffic, and limited usage by other trail users. 8' wide, above average condition surface. No brakes neccessary. If you have your gear with you and you get caught in rush hour traffic on 494 between Crosstown & HWY 55, it's a great place to pull over and get an hour workout in. Cons: Short, it will take you 16 back and forth passes to get your 50K in. 2 small sand build-up areas following rain. 
Mound 29  Dakota Rail Regional Trail    13.5mi      
  Opened in summer 2009. The asphalt is smooth with minimal road crossings between St Boni and Mound. Parking lot is at St Boni City Hall. There is also a parking lot at the Mound transit center. Trail goes through Minnetrista, Mound, Spring Park, Minnetonka Beach, Orono and ends at Wayzata Bay. Pros: Smooth asphalt. Long, flat trail. Cons: At Mound a very busy hwy crossing and many road crossings from there to Wayzata. (Submitted by Curt Werdal)  
New Brighton 30  Long Lake Regional Park    4m      
  Trail runs north-south, starting from the boat launch at the south end of Long Lake. After exiting the park on the north end, you can continue on part of the Rice Creek trail system out to the west before it stops at Stinson Blvd. 
North St. Paul 31  Gateway State Trail    19.0m       651-772-7935
  Start up at the I-694/Hwy 36 parking lot, off of Hadley Ave. Pros: Quite smooth and flat, great for long easy workouts. Cons: A number of road crossings; a few places on the trail are starting to get a little rough; traffic can be busy in the evenings and on the weekends. 
Plymouth 32  Medicine Lake/Luce Line Loop    8-12m      
  The asphalt paved bike trail runs around Medicine Lake and through French Park. The Medicine Lake loop is about 8 miles around and follows the lakeshore for about half of that distance and goes through parks and neighborhoods for the rest. Features include two boardwalks on the south end of the lake, French Park, East Medicine Lake Park, West Medicine Lake Park, and many hills. Pros: Great low-use bike trail. Very smooth surface. Access to good hills for technique training and intervals on the route and in the neighborhoods along the route. Access to the Luce line trail. Swimming beaches along the way to cool off. Cons: Finding your way is not trivial, bring a map or someone who knows the area. Warning: Do not use poles on the boardwalks unless you want to pull your arms out of their sockets. The Medicine Lake Loop also hooks up to the Luce Line trail at the southwest end of Medicine Lake. The Luce Line is paved from Medicine Lake west to Parkers Lake (about 3 miles). After that, the trail is a converted rail-bed made of crushed limestone. With off-road rollerskis, one can ski west as far as there heart desires (at least 30 miles). (Updated by Jon Faust) 
Prior Lake 33  Cleary Lake Regional Park    3.5m       952-447-2171
  Cleary Lake offers a fairly smooth 3.5 mile loop around the lake. The trail system is pretty flat, but offers enough curves and changing scenery to avoid boredom. Pros: Very quiet trails, relatively flat (good for double poling). Cons: Not much variety; short loop; some cracks a bit wide; two minor park road crossings. 
Prior Lake/Lydia 34  Lydia Route    7m      
  Scott County 79 from County 14 (Shakopee) south to County 10 (Lydia). About 1 mile west of Mystic Lake Casino. (Submitted by Dan Steger) Pros: New blacktop (2-3 years old), low traffic, scenic country road. No stop lights, only one crossing requiring a stop (at Hwy 282). Cons: Some dogs. 
Ramsey 35  Rum River Central Regional Park    5K      
  Part of the Anoka Parks, it opened in 1999. Daily or annual fee required. Pros: New trails; excellent terrian with some hills; great views of the river. Cons: Deerflies can be heavy in mid-summer. 
Saint Louis Park 36  Cedar Lake LRT Regional Trail    3mi      
  This is a 12-foot-wide asphalt path parallel to and just south of Highway 7 in St. Louis Park. It runs from Midtown Greenway Trail to the Super Valu warehouse near Excelsior Boulevard in Hopkins. Good parking is available at the eastern end. (Bill Weber). Pros: New, smooth asphalt. Straight and flat.Only two roads to cross. Not too much traffic on the path most days. Cons: Unattractive industrial scenery.  
Saint Paul 37  Battle Creek Trails    ??      
  I think alot of the skiers know about the 2 mile loop of black top at Battle Creek (Classic Trials in the winter time). What I like to do is combine the 2 mile loop at Battle Creek along with a new piece of black top that run diagonally between McKnight Rd and Upper Afton Road. If you haven't been on the trail it is very scenic and shaded with a babbling brook the winds throughout this 2 mile stretch. (Submitted by Silvio Moulsoff) 
Saint Paul 38  Bruce Vento Trail    10K      
  Also known as the Swede Hollow trail and the BN (Burlington Northern) trail. This is a 3 km out and back for a total of 10 km. You can start at either end although I like starting at the northern end. Start is at Prosperity and Johnson Parkway. Best place to park is in the Phalen Shopping Center parking lot or the tennis court parking at Maryland and Johnson Pkw. The trail winds down behind 3M and the old Strohs brewery, with a spring along side about half way to the end. Just past the brewery the trail splits (makes a loop), the left is a steep downhill, the right is gradual (the trail is down hill all the way). The end is at Payne Av. and 7th street, there is a parking lot at that point. (Submitted by Bill Stuber) Pros: This is a very little used trail with a great loop at the end to do repeats, intervals, etc. As I mentioned it is all down hill from the north end, that means all up hill back. Good shade for hot day training and very little traffic. You never have to cross and auto traffic. You can connect with the Gateway trail via loop around Lake Phalen or the new bike path that follows the rail bed to the right of the lake. Lots of wildlife. Cons: There is construction which leaves dirt on the pavement near the Arcade St. overhead. The trail is isolated, bums sleep under the Arcade St. overpass. 
Saint Paul 39  East River Road/Crosby Regional Park    12K      
  Start on East River Road bike path near Summit Ave. in St.Paul and go south to where Shepard Road begins. Stay right and proceed down the semi-steep hill (entrance to Crosby Lake Park) and thru the park to where the bike trails. The south pavement continues to the other side of Crosby Lake. Route is about 12K one-way. This is a nice place when it is windy and cold in the late fall and no snow. Also the part entrance hill is a great place to conduct hill repeats at about 2 minutes per climb. (Submitted by Mike Moulsoff) 
Saint Paul 40  Fort Snelling State Park    5K       612-279-3550
  The road down into the park is my candidate for the biggest, steepest, skiable hill in the metro area. (Submitted by Frank Lederle) Pros: Well paved, scenic, no cross traffic, plenty of run out, 2 mile quiet road from bottom of hill to back of park for warm-up. Cons: $20 annual pass; you have to ski with your fingers in your ears when planes pass overhead; you have to give way when cars come up behind you and can't see over the hill to pass; the speeds attained going downhill can be disconcerting, you may want to go partway up until you get used to it (30 mph standing, never tried tuck but theoretically you would be converted into pure energy). 
Scandia 41  Mayberry Trail    21K      
  Start in Scandia at the museum, head south on Olinda to 205th St. Then west to Mayberry Trail which loops to Lakamaga and Maxwill Ave. This area near Marine Lake is nicely treelined and rolling. Continue west on Mayberry to Manning Ave (Co. 15). Double back from here for 21K. Add a 4.5K spur to the south on Manning to 170th St for 30K. Pros: Scenic. Mostly smooth pavement throughout. Manning Ave. has wide shoulders. Cons: Watch for traffic at the intersection of Mayberry and Manning. (Submitted by Matt McGuire) 
Scandia 42  Scandia Hills    30K      
  Scandia Hills is an intermediate to difficult road route with several good climbs and descents. Be aware of railroad crossings at the bottom of both Quinnell Ave and 199th St hills. The whole route is 30K; however, you can pick and choose from several spurs and loops to attain different length workouts. There are two possible parking options, Scandia (at the Museum) and William O'Brien State Park. Pros: Absolutely beautiful countryside with relatively light traffic. Can link with Mayberry Trail and/or Marine Hills for extra distance. Cons: Railroad crossings at bottoms of hills. (Submitted by Matt McGuire) 
Shoreview 43  Rice Creek North Regional Trail         
  Trails follow Rice Creek as it flows from the east. Located just north of the old Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant on CR I. 
Shoreview 44  Snail Lake Trails    5K      
  A nice winding trail that runs from Snail Lake Park parking lot to the east and then north as far as Hwy 96, across from Rainbow, and also south under Gramsie Rd and out towards Hwy 694. There is one central loop with spurs heading into the park and several residential areas, and out towards Hwy 694. (Submitted by Steve Thatcher) Pros: Very sheltered and winding. Really good for cornering work. A few small hills, but mostly flat. Several tunnels, very smooth. Cons: Can be leaf and debris covered in the fall and after a storm. 
Stillwater Brown's Creek Trail   
Trailheads: 45 Stillwater, 45 Browns Creek Park, 45 Dellwood Rd
  This beautiful trail is 5.9 miles long and connects the Gateway State Trail in the city of Grant to the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway in Stillwater. The trail connects to local park and trail systems. Situated on a former railroad grade, the trail is generally level and accessible to users of all abilities. Pros: An extremely smooth trail, with a nice steady climb uphill. Cons: Has a lot of bicycle use on the weekends that you need to keep an eye out for.  
Watertown/Delano 46  Crow River Loop    10m      
  Go north from Watertown on CR 27 just past Rivers Edge Golf Course. Park where the wide shoulder starts just north of the golf course along CR27. Rollerski north on CR 27 which becomes CR 16 when you enter Wright County to where CR 16 connects to Hwy 12. which is the turn around point. (Submitted by Jim Smith) Pros: Wide smooth shoulder; low traffic volume; follows the scenic Crow River for much of the trail; a couple of small hills; a Dairy Queen at the midpoint. Cons: Occasional smart alec remarks from harmless rednecks with nothing to do. 
Withrow 47  Withrow to Square Lake    16 mi      
  Park at the Withrow School. North on newly paved CO 57 to Co 58, right on 58, newly paved as well, SE to 7/15 intersection. Cross over 15 continue east on 7. 15ft wide smooth shoulder all the way to Square Lake. Safe rolling hills on the way. Bigger, but safe hills at Square Lake. Go all the way to the Square Lake Lot. Turn around and return. Pros: Excellent smooth pavement. Square lake hills, quiet roads. Cons: Square Lakes hills; it is a road not a trail. Hills a bit intimidating. (Submitter: Steve Thatcher) 

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