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Como Golf Course
Saint Paul, MN
Trail Length: 5k  Maps: |
Groomed: Skating/Classical    Lighted: No Snowmaking: No
Contact: 651-488-9673    Weather: [ NWS ]  
Notes:   Trails are on the golf course. Some nice hills but most of the course is pretty exposed. There is one back leg that is quite shaded and seems to hold snow long after the rest of the course loses it. Rentals at the chalet.

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Saturday, January 21, 2017  posted: 1/21/2017 1:50:58 PM
[ Trails: Closed, Rock skis ]
  Due to the warm temperatures and rain Como ski trail will be closed until further notice. There's a combination of bare ground, standing water, and ice all along the course making it unskiable. Please go elsewhere to ski until we get new snow and cold temperatures. We will post an update once conditions improves and the trails are open again.
(Tyler McKean, St. Paul Parks and Recreation)
Thursday, January 19, 2017  posted: 1/19/2017 12:41:19 PM
[ Trails Open: All, B skis ]
  Fine morning for a couple of laps for an early lunch. Some lingering fog in the air, the sun working on burning that off. A bit crusty yet, but the timing was good as the skate lane was starting to loosen up ever so slightly. Fast down the hills, quick steps around the hairpins, easy glide, light touch over the ruts. Lovely morning. How did it get to be the middle of March already?
(Walter Ebertz)
Wednesday, January 18, 2017  posted: 1/18/2017 4:55:47 PM
[ Trails Open: Most, B skis ]
  The thaw is taking away the base very quickly. Melt will continue for at least the next week unless it drops below freezing at night. If it does refreeze it will be icey and rutted. We do not have enough to groom as some bare spots are already showing and growing each day. If you need groomed trails you may have to head to one of the manmade loops in the area. Otherwise keep an eye out for rocks and ruts and Como may work for you for a couple more days. We will not groom until we get more snow and temperatures are holding below freezing. We will post once the trails are officially closed or if conditions improve.
(Tyler McKean, St. Paul Parks and Recreation)
Wednesday, January 18, 2017  posted: 1/18/2017 2:35:57 PM
[ Trails Open: All, Good skis ]
  Very nice skating before noon - a little powder on top of a firm deck. Met Roy Carlsted skiing with his hairies and and he gave the classic good marks. Sadly, this isn't going to last long.
(Russ Ludeke)
Monday, January 16, 2017  posted: 1/17/2017 12:32:49 AM
[ Trails Open: All, Rock skis ]
  Classic skied late afternoon, temps in the upper 20s. The course has taken a good pounding, with the classic tracks ranging from washed out to decent. The skate lane looked a bit hard packed, but not icy. There were a number of very thin sections, especially up on top of the hills, and some icy sections in the classic tracks under the trees. After a gold-standard day at Woodland Sunday, Como was tough swallow on Monday. But I don't blame the grooming, most of the conditions appear to be due to the traffic volume Como is handling.
(Bruce Adelsman)

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