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Sugarbush Trail System
Tofte, MN
Trail Length: 75k  Maps: | 1 Onion River Rd , 1 Britton Peak , 1 Moose Fence 
Groomed: Skating/Classical    Lighted: No Snowmaking: No
Contact: 888-61-NORTH    Weather: [ NWS ]  
Notes:   A wide variety of trails are found in this extensive system, winding through varied forests and offering many spectacular views. Trailheads include Britton Peak and Moose Fence on the western side, with ski-throughs connecting these sections to the Onion River Rd/Oberg Mountain trails and trailhead on the eastern edge.

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Sunday, March 31, 2019  posted: 3/31/2019 5:32:22 PM
[ Trails Open: All, B skis ]
  Regrooming the skate lane on the Sugarbush system coaxed me out again. Skate Skied from Onion River around the Picnic loop, second half of Hogback, Homestead and the connector back to the trailhead. The tracks are gone. Temps were right at freezing after 36 hours of below freezing temps and a dusting of snow. Snowmobile grooming had scratched the surface and smoothed out some of the undulations and potholes, but they still existed to some degree along with debris uncovered by melting. The deck was firm, hard and fast but you could get an edge most of the time. I was being a chicken and snow plowed most of the big hills because of the potholes and undulations and did not fall. The ski conditions were challenging but I had a great time and got great exercise. Thanks to the groomer for getting me out again and for a great season.
(Tim Nelson)
Friday, March 29, 2019  posted: 3/29/2019 8:18:32 PM
[ Trails Open: All, B skis ]
  Skied out of Onion River Trailhead around the Picnic loop to second half of Hogback, then Homestead and back on the connector. It was a long slow ski for me but a fun one. With the exception of one spot on the connector there was plenty of snow. It was just above freezing after a cold night and morning. The classic tracks were pretty much gone so I classic skied right down the middle which made for a safer ski. The deck was firm thru out even as the top layer got soft, I never made an impression deeper than 1/2 inch. The trail is rough and uneven with plenty of potholes and debris which made me glad I was on classic skin skis. But it was a great end of season run, although I expect there is plenty more skiing to be had on the trail, but not by me. A great year for me as I did this trail more times that I can count and it remains my favorite in the whole region.
(Tim Nelson)
Thursday, March 28, 2019  posted: 3/28/2019 7:49:25 PM
[ Trails Open: All, B skis ]
  We skied the Picnic loop. We put on about 10:30 and we went from a little icy to Spring soft. It was pretty slow and getting softer as went went along. There was one portage but I would call it 99% coverage. Trail varied from melted down smooth to sun cupped on the south facing hills. Quite a few of the downhills were roughed up but the snow tracked really well so we just let it fly.
(Dan Murphy)
Wednesday, March 20, 2019  posted: 3/20/2019 9:06:11 PM
[ Trails Open: All, B skis ]
  Skied most of the system this morning. Beautiful skiing on the North Shore. Bit slow and soft, but still plenty of base material. Trail is starting to get a little messy: mostly leaf and pine litter that's pretty easily avoidable. Groomers were out in the last couple days. With a freeze overnight it'll be in great shape, but will be slow going until that happens.
(Mitchell Campbell)
Saturday, March 16, 2019  posted: 3/16/2019 10:31:40 AM
[ Trails Open: Most, Good skis ]
  Skied Hogback loop this morning and found it in good shape. Thanks to the groomers for getting out yesterday to make my trip down from Canada worthwhile the past 3 days. I used Klister after the rain Thursday (Homestead), stuck with the groomed section at Onion River Friday and used Klister again today (Universal with blue base) to get super grip on all three days despite the challenging conditions. Track has hardened up nicely, with fast conditions slowed slightly by light dusting of fresh powder. Can't wait to come back next year!
(Derek Maher)

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