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Elm Creek Park Reserve
Maple Grove, MN
Trail Length: 15.8k  Maps: |
Groomed: Skating/Classical    Lighted: Yes Snowmaking: Yes
Contact: 763-694-7894    Weather: [ NWS ]  
Notes:   Some of the best ski trails in the metro area. Fantastic night skiing on their lighted trails! New in 2003, a 2.5K man-made snow loop.

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Monday, March 19, 2018  posted: 3/19/2018 9:23:06 PM
[ Trails Open: Partial, Good skis ]
  What a difference a day makes. Morning grooming didn't allow it to set up solid. The skate deck was soft but there was some glide. The classic track was good to poor as the groomer couldn't cut into the ice just below the surface on some stretches. Thanks for grooming though. Another day or two and it'll be a wrap for me. 90 day ski day season (natural snow) but certainly not normal. Oh if we would have had the March snows in December.
(Mark Lahtinen)
Sunday, March 18, 2018  posted: 3/18/2018 2:42:52 PM
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[ Trails Open: Partial, Good skis ]
  The Valley was great. Fast skate and classic tracks. The classic tracks were switched to the right side of the skate lanes. They are going to groom in the morning for a few more days depending on the weather.
(Mark Lahtinen)
Friday, March 16, 2018  posted: 3/16/2018 12:34:12 PM
[ Trails Open: Partial, Good skis ]
  Only the Valley is open. It was in great shape and the skins worked well. Fast conditions and the skate deck was great also.
(Mark Lahtinen)
Thursday, March 15, 2018  posted: 3/15/2018 12:30:24 PM
[ Trails Open: Most, Good skis ]
  Skied the Valley and Northern Lights. The Valley was great. The Northern Lights was pretty sketchy compared to yesterday. The icy area at the base of the climb up Cowabunga was about twice the size. The track at the top of Cowabunga was plowed but I hopped in it part way down. Couldn't surpass yesterday's glide PR of about 20 feet past light pole 31. Icy areas throughout were bigger and more numerous. It wasn't groomed so there were also some leftover ruts. Bigger burn through area on the return along the road. The days are numbered.
(Mark Lahtinen)
Tuesday, March 13, 2018  posted: 3/13/2018 1:09:50 PM
[ Trails Open: All, Good skis ]
  It looks like they groomed on the Dark Side as I saw groomed deck going out on the chalet side of the bridge. Saw a couple of people go out there (didn't see them come back however...hmmm). The lighted trails were better and faster than yesterday as it wasn't above freezing when I skied. Made it to about 25' past light pole #30 hopping in the icy track coming down Cowabunga. Went a little further on the 2nd lap with a bit more push over the top. A yellow icy area is forming at the base of the Cowabunga uphill but not on the downhill side yet. Fun, fun for another day or two.
(Mark Lahtinen)

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