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International Junior Camp Update

August 23, 2018

Ann Jarzin reports on Abigail Jarzin's participation in the elite International Junior Camp in Norway earlier this month:

Abby was one of four U20 women selected to represent the US at the recent International Junior Camp in Sjusjøen, Norway. She competed in two events during the two week camp: classic sprint simulation and skate individual start 10K. She placed 18th out of 76 in the sprint sim. The course was difficult as it featured a head wall to start with and a giant climb in the middle of the 1.5K course. The next day she raced to 17th place with very challenging weather! It had rained 3” and was coming down sideways with the strong winds, temps in the 40’s. Overall some nice solid results!  Abby had started the camp without any gear for four day and had to use Bryan Fish’s old helmet, boots, poles, and skis until her luggage was located and delivered. It never had made the original flight with Abby, and then erroneously was sent to Copenhagen instead of Oslo. This was on top of her very first flight from Burlington, VT which had been canceled due to mechanical problems and bad weather in NJ for the connection to Norway-so she had to spend that night in a hotel. Not so nice for a just turned 18 year old on her first trip overseas. 

She enjoyed the different foods, challenging bog runs, and making friends from all over.

Overall it was an amazing experience for her-to train and race with the best athletes in the world in her age category!! Highly motivating! 

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