February 18, 2020

The Gear You Need Pre-Birkie from the Experts at Swix

HAVERHILL, N.H. -- With Birkie Fevers rising and race day almost upon us, Swix Nordic Racing Service Director Evan Pengelly shares his recommendation for what waxes and tools to bring for your trip from Cable to Hayward. 

Pengelly outlines options for both those who plan to use fluorinated wax and those seeking a fluoro-free alternative. He also has suggestions for kick waxing and recommends which brushes and structure tools to pack.


Fluoro-Free Glide Wax Option

  • Base Layer
    • Marathon Pure Fluoro Free – This wax provides a fantastic base layer for long distance races with multiple road crossings and varying conditions. It is hard to help keep the base from drying and picking up dirt and it has a  high level of Swix’s new fluoro alternative.
  • Speed
    • CH7x and 8x For a paraffin layer. Will know which to choose when event gets closer
  • Top Speed
    • CH7x and 8x Liquid will provide a speed boost to your wax job. Make sure to apply and allow to dry as long as possible before brushing out.


Fluorinated Glide Wax Option


  • Glide Cleaner
  • This is as important if not more important than waxing to make sure that dirt is removed from your ski prior to waxing.
  • Base Layer
  • Marathon Fluoro or HF5X for a hard base layer with high fluoro content
  • Speed
  • HF7x and HF8x for a paraffin layer
  • Top speed
  • HF7x and 8x liquids 



Fluoro Free Kick Wax Option

  • Base Layer
    • Swix Base Klister Spray
  • Kick
    • VM Uni Klister
    • V50

Fluorinated Kick Wax Option

  • Base Layer
    • Swix Base Klister Spray
  • Kick
    • VR50, VR55N, VX63
  • Klister
    • VX35, VX45, KN 33 Nero


Structure Tools


  • Structure will be super important with higher temps in the forecast.
  • A tool like T423 or T048 will be a great option for this.




  • Fine Steel for first passes
  • Nylon for cleaning
  • Blue Nylon for Polishing


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