January 12, 2021

Gear West: Introducing Sponsored Athlete David Norris

We are excited to announce David Norris as one of our Sponsored Athlete at Gear West. David is a professional Cross-Country Skier and part-time bookkeeper, having grown up in Fairbanks, AK and Skied NCAAs for Montana State University where he graduated with a degree in account in 2014. David currently lives in Anchorage and skis for the Alaska Pacific University Nordic Ski Center. This spring David was able to earn a Master in Business Administration from APU and celebrated by skiing laps up Bridger Bowl – where he got “stuck” in Montana during the initial Covid-19 lockdown. When David’s not skiing his favorite activities include mountain biking, trail running, fly-fishing, hunting, cooking, and tinkering (smoking salmon, making jam, potting plants, whittling utensils form the finest wood, etc.).

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