March 26, 2021

Out There - Madshus Green Base Skis

This year at the 2021 Nordic World Championships Madshus debuted their NEW GREEN Fluoro Free Ski Bases

“Madshus has made extremely fast fluoro free bases for several years, but the green bases were developed specifically to work with the new ski construction in warm, wet conditions with old, transformed snow where bases with fluorocarbon additives traditionally have tended to glide better than those without fluorocarbons”

The Green color of the new bases is no coincidence. “The green bases are a part of our commitment to the environment: The future is clean, sustainable and fluoro free,”

In partnership with Madshus North America & Madshus Norway we have the opportunity to offer a LIMITED Pre-order on the NEW F3 Green Bases. These skis have proven already to be a GAME CHANGER in manmade, warm, transformed, dirty & sloppy conditions. There will NOT be an opportunity to order IN Season during 2021-22. This is your opportunity to get a pair during this limited release. Skis will be picked by the Madshus World Cup Service Team.