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December 21, 2003

Holiday Relays
Phalen Golf Course
St. Paul, Minnesota

Twenty-five high schools, 131 teams, 524 skiers, 30 girls classic teams, 39 girls skate teams, 29 boys classic teams, 33 boys skate teams, spectators galore, warm temperatures and sunny skies! Wow, this year's event was special! Minnesota has long produce some of the best young skiers in the country and today it was obvious a new crop is on it's way.

With four races the coaches were busy! The first races of the day were classic for Girls and Boys followed by the skating events. Snow temps were warming from the mid 20's into the upper 20's making the kick waxing everyone's main concern. Thankfully, the terrain at Phalen is gradual enough to reward strong double poling.

Next up were the skate events and everyone's attention turned to glide as the snow became great for snowballs and Holmenkol's TopSpeed Paste.

Holmenkol would like to Congratulate and Thank the following teams for their outstanding efforts and support!

St. Louis Park High School Girls -- Twelveth place skate race, Sixth place classic race

St. Louis Park High School Boys -- First place skate race, Seventeenth place classic race

Hopkins High School Girls -- First place skate race, Third place classic race

Hopkins High School Boys -- Ninth place skate race, Eleventh place classic race

Roseville High School Girls -- Third place skate race, Fourth place classic race

Roseville High School Boys -- Second place skate race, Twelveth place classic race