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January 12, 2004

Mesabi East
January 10th, 2003
Giants Ridge

Wow! The Giant Mesabi East High School meet showed once again why Minnesota is the Nordic hot spot for high school racing. Here's the numbers: 1094 total skiers, 564 girls and 530 boys. Classic participants = 163 boys and 173 girls. Skate participants = 203 girls and 178 boys.

This event is always exciting and I wanted to be there. Having once coached the St. Louis Park team I offered to help them with waxing, they gladly accepted the help. After checking with John Filander, skiing the race course and checking the weather I felt confident of the wax choice.

Light snow was falling for most of the day while snow temps held in the mid teens with very high relative air humidity. Upon arrival at 8 AM the snow temp was 12 degrees Fahrenheit with 96% air RH. By 10 AM when the boys classic race began the conditions had not changed significantly.

For the classic skis we used Holmenkol Moly for base, crayon a layer of GW-25 with a 1:1 EC 12/30 and 0/12 mix for glide and Topspeed 8/15 stick corked on top. Fluor 3/8 hard wax was our choice for kick during the boys race. For the skate skis we used cold hydrocarbon scraped and brushed out followed with a crayon layer of GW-25 and 0/12. We chose to use Topspeed on the classic skis due to the glazing normally found in classic tracks, we did not top coat the skaters.

My congratulations go out to all the skiers with special mention to the following St. Louis Park metal winners:
Andy Cheesebro 2nd place varsity boys classic race,
Jesse Lang 2nd place varsity boys skate race,
Mike Mommsen 3rd place varsity boys classic race
Katie Klepinski 6th place varsity girls classic race

Thank you for your support of Holmenkol!