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Field Reports and Reviews

Elpex Off-Road Rollerskis
June 6, 2003
Off the asphalt trail: Jill Troutner takes a look at the popular Elpex Off-Road rollerskis.

Hoigaards Hot Box Service
February 16, 2003
Last fall Hoigaards added hot box waxing service to their full line-up of ski preparation. We gave it a test run earlier this winter.

Lactate Pro
November 17, 2002
With lactate testing becoming one of the new standards in fitness testing, Ben Popp takes a test drive of the top selling handheld unit, Lactate Pro.

Marwe 610 Rollerskis
October 23, 2002
Ben Popp checks into Marwe 610 skating rollerskis in this new field report.

Yoko 232 Strap and Gloves
August 13, 2002
Yoko has released a new rollerskiing glove along with a new 232 strap. We hit the road with them during rollerski workouts this summer.

Swix Jacket/Pants
November 9, 2001
A look at a pair of Swix jacket and pants by Scott Sjoquist.

Yoko 232 Strap
July 18, 2001
Yoko has released a separate strap for use with their new 232 system.

Marwe Combi Rollerskis
May 15, 2001
Margaret returns to classic rollerskiing with a pair of Marwe combi rollerskis.

Toko WaxIron
February 27, 2001
Toko's latest waxing iron contains a number of big improvements over the standard fare.

Kestrel Pocket Weather Meter
February 27, 2001
A mini weather station, small enough to fit in your pocket -- the Kestrel Pocket Weather meter.

Yoko 232 System
November 30, 2000
Yoko has introduced a new pole, grip, strap and glove combination dubbed the 232 System.

Yoko Rollerski Gloves
August 13, 2000
Yoko offers gloves specifically developed for rollerskiing.

Camelback Rocket
August 10, 2000
Hydration systems are all the rage. We look at the Camelback Rocket, a mid-size pack with good stability.

Red Creek Rotobrush System
January 29, 2000
Everyone wants to spend less time waxing. A roto-brush system just might be the ticket.

Yoko Windstopper Gloves
January 27, 2000
Yoko Windstopper gloves are designed to do just that, cut the wind, and keep your hands warm.

XL-1 Sports Drink
January 27, 2000
Keeping the fluids and energy topped up when skiing, especially racing, can be a tricky balance. The XL-1 sports drink offers one solution.

Yoko Profi and Windstopper Gloves
January 24, 2000
A look at two new glove selections from Yoko.

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