Contact: Bruce Adelsman
November 30, 2003

2003-2004 Racing Team Announced

The 2003-2004 edition of the Race Team has been finalized. The group now stands at twelve talented skiers, including six men and six women.

This season the team brings on-board two new women skiers. Siiri Carver-Morse has been involved with racing, both as a competitor and coach for many years now. She was most recently the head coach for St. Olaf College and now is living in Duluth with her husband, Peter. We are also very proud to announce Maria Stewart as the new young pup on the team. Maria hails from the vaunted Northern Michigan University team and is now in graduate school here in the Twin Cities.

In addition to the new members we've added, the team also expanded to include its third husband and wife team when Margie Tilman and Per Nelson were married last May. This also means the team is nearly half full of Nelsons!

This season also brings a number of other changes to the team. First, we hope to mark the return of Abbi May to the starting line, being off last season with the May's second child. As the winter flies this season, our hearts and minds will be with Jill Troutner as she serves our country as part of the the National Guard stationed overseas. Finally, we will feel the loss of Sonja Bostrom this season as she departs this winter for graduate school in Colorado and will be skiing for a new team.

While continues as the main sponsor the team, we are grateful for the sponsorship of the following organizations:

Swix Sport USA - Swix has helped outfit the team with new (FIS legal) ski suits for this winter.

Rudy Project - The best in active eyewear, look for the latest gear on the skiers this season.

Enervit - The race team was grateful for the great support Enervit supplied last season and will continue to be fueled by this excellent sports energy line-up.

Finally, we must acknowledge the stores that help keep the skiers up and running. Finn Sisu and Hoigaards continue to be the choice of many of the team members.

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