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December 5, 2002


Team Attempts 24 Hour Record

Milwaukee, WI -- A team of six cross country skiers sponsored by will make an attempt at the North American 24 Hour distance record in Cable, WI on January 11-12. A team comprised of Ben Popp, Brian May, Dave Nelson, Grant Nelson, Per Nelson, and John Munger will challenge the record of 517.391 kilometers at the 3rd annual 24 Hours of Telemark (24-T).

"It will be tough to reach it, but we'll have a blast trying," commented team captain Popp. "We did the event last year with just 4 skiers and put in 490 km. With six skiers this year we will have more rest between laps and can make a serious attempt at the record. And if we don't beat the record we'll still get in perfect training for the Birkie!"

The current record was set March 17, 2002 at the Lappe Nordic Centre 24 Hour relay race in Thunder Bay, Ontario by a team of seven skiers from the Canadian National Team Development Center (NTDC). Kerrie Fabius, Tara Redpath, Timo Puiras, Riku Metsaranta, Will Fitzgerald, Sean Crooks, and Jeff Seguin are the current record holders for the NTDC.

The current North American solo male record is unofficially held by Chris Ransom of Lake Mills, WI, who posted 321.484 km in 24 hours at last year's 24-T, (he skied an addition 9 km to finish his lap). The women's solo record is held by Becky Laasko (CAN) with 252.462 km and was set at the Thunder Bay race last year. The 370 km women's team record was tackled at the 2001 24-T by Team Ski Hut (Kelly Rogers, Sara Kylander-Johnson, Abbi May, and Jayme Bauer).

The World solo 24-hour record of 415.5Km was set by Finn Seppo-Juhani Savolainen in Sarriselk, Finland on April 8-9, 1988.

Although dozens of 24 hour mountain bike races are held throughout North America each year, currently the Lappe Nordic 24 Hour Relay Race (Thunder Bay, ONT) and the 24 Hours of Telemark (Cable, WI) are the only 24 Hour cross country ski relay races in North America. While the 24-T got its start as an offshoot from the 24 Hours of 9 Mile (24-9) mountain bike race in Wausau, WI, the Lappe Nordic Relay has its roots in a Nordic record attempt.

"In 1996, NTDC coach Pekka Kemppi wanted to make an attempt at the 24 hour world record," said Liz Inkila, President of the Lappe Nordic Centre Ski Team. "Although he didn't break the record, about ten team members followed him along the way." Instead of attempting the solo record again, Kempi suggested a team format for the following year and the Lappe Nordic 24 Hour Relay was born. "Now it's a tradition!"

Organizers of the 24-T based their decision to begin the race on the social aspect of the race format. "Everyone has so much fun racing on teams at the 24-9 that we had to bring the format to cross country skiing!" said Event Director Kevin Eccles of TS Events, Inc. "Many of us who put on the 24-9 ski in the winter. We wanted to have the same opportunity for fun on snow that we have at the mountain bike race!"

Both events offer a variety of 24 hour-only divisions. The 24 Hour race in Cable also offers 3, 6, 12-hour options in 19 categories to allow for personal tests for skiers of a variety of abilities.

Whether you're in it for North American record, a personal challenge or a social adventure, a 24-hour race on skis or mountain bikes might be a whole new way to enjoy your favorite sport!

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