Contact: Ian Harvey
Pioneer Sports
January 5, 2003


Freeman and Wagner Dominate US Nationals Day #1

In a blizzard snowstorm, the 15/30km Classic US National titles were decided today. US Ski Team member Kris Freeman (Swix poles) dominated the men’s 30km race finishing in front of his brother Justin Freeman (Yoko poles and gloves), and Anchorage’s Lars Flora (Yoko poles and gloves). In the Men’s race, places 2, 3, 5 and 6 were taken by skiers using Yoko poles and gloves.

US Ski Team member Wendy Wagner (Yoko poles and gloves) won the women’s 15km race ahead of Erinn Whitmer of Fairbanks and foreign skier Martina Stursova. 3rd place for the US Championships was taken by Anchorage’s Erin Quinn-Hurst (Yoko poles and gloves).

Justin Wadsworth (Yoko poles and gloves), the top ranked American skier, decided not to race the National championships electing instead to rest up for the upcoming World Championships. Also, defending US National Sprint Champion Kikkan Randall (Yoko poles and gloves) was sick and had to sit out as did US Team member Torin Koos (Yoko poles and gloves).

A great day for Yoko taking 2, 3, 5 and 6 in the Men’s race and 1 and 3 in the women’s race! In the 2002 US National Championships, 6 of the 10 races were won by skiers using Yoko poles and gloves!

Also today, in Kavgolovo, Russia, Estonian Kristina Smigun (Yoko poles and gloves) blew the away the field today to win the women’s 5km Skate World Cup race. Smigun is now 2nd overall in the World Cup behind Norwegian Bente Skari (Yoko gloves).

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