Skinnyski 2.0

December 30, 2019

After running with nearly the same website design for over 15 years, we are happy to introduce a new, modern (fairly) and mobile friendly website design:  Skinnyski 2.0!    While rolling out a new web site, we aimed to preserve as much of the old site content and layout as possible, which hopefully makes the new site feel just as easy (hopefully easier) to navigate for long-time Skinnyski visitors.

Major new features:

  • Mobile friendly layout.   The new design should work well across multiple device types including mobile phones, tablets and web browsers.  Most noticeable to users will be a new menu system at the top (no more sidebar menus) and content that flexes with your browser window size.
  • Report map!  A new, visual map showing the latest trail reports. 

    Icons represent the type of report, the condition of the trail, and age of the report.  Plus quick access to the full text and photos of the reports.  You'll find the Report Map on the Trails menu.
  • Notifications!   Sign up for notifications on new trail reports, as well as notifications for trail report requests (perfect for groomers).  The notification system uses Web Push technology, which means you can opt in to receive notifications on your smartphone, as well as your computer browser.  To activate this feature, visit the trail detail page for your favorite trail systems and turn on the notification checkbox. 
  • Interface Improvements. Improvements have been made to interfaces throughout the site including revised classified editing, more details on trail reports, automatic control forms and improved report form and photo uploading.   We've tried to update website elements throughout to make things more efficient and modern without significantly changing the old layout.

We want to thank our existing members for their support!  Without their contributions this new design and improvements would not have been possible.  And if you're not a Skinnyski member yet, please subscribe today to help support the continued operation and development.

Drop us a note and let us know what you think of the new design, and if you run into any issues, we certainly want to hear about it: