Michael Stearns

October 4, 2021

Inventory & Receiving Associates Positions

Key Job Responsibilities:

As an inventory and receiving associate you will contribute to the profitability of the retail operation by receiving, handling, pricing, and help to manage the inventory of merchandise and supplies in a timely and organized manner.

Receiving Responsibilities:

Check merchandise and supply deliveries for accuracy, verifying that quantities received match bills of lading, purchase orders, and other documents. After safely staging incoming shipments, you will maintain ongoing and proactive communication with key partners about new arrivals, order overages, and shortages, and delivery delays.

Inventory Responsibilities:

Accurate tracking and documentation are key responsibilities of the inventory associate. By accounting for merchandise and supplies, you will enable compliance with designated inventory levels and help prevent runouts. You will provide weekly accounting and documentation but will likely also participate in formal periodic inventory audits.

Merchandise Handling:

You will pull items from storage, physically move them, and stock shelves. You will organize the stockroom and ensure that accurate labeling, pricing, logical placement, neat arrangement, and cleanliness are maintained.


Strong organization, multi-tasking, versatility, communication, and attention to detail skills will be required. High levels of both efficiency and engagement will be required while performing repetitive tasks.

Physical Requirements:

Since this position requires the handling of merchandise, supplies, and materials, it will be physically demanding. Your physical functions will include:

  • Ladder climbing
  • Lifting up to 50 pounds with assistance
  • Bending, twisting, reaching, pushing, pulling, and performing repetitive motions
  • Standing and walking for up to 8 hours in a row
  • Moving large quantities of merchandise with carts, dollies, and other moving equipment.

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