Elm Creek Series

December 6, 2007
Conditions: Temperature: 24F (windchill 7F); almost all sections covered with hard-packed natural snow with a bit of loose snow on the top. Tracks are nice and firm with only a few spots being skied/beat up.

Distance: 4.5K - 1 lap of almost full valley loop (with the northwest section still being closed) and the entire thicket and northern light loop, both classic and freestyle:


Andy Schakel           12:33 (F)
Dave Anderson 12:40 (F)/15:20 (C)
Scott Hatch 13:14 (F)
Aaron Ditty 13:35 (F)
Michael Petroff 13:42 (F)
Eric Olson 14:04 (F)
Tim McGoldrick 15:02 (F)/19:27 (C)
Jennifer O'Link 15:10 (F)
Don Callander 15:11 (F)
Melinda Silbernick 15:51 (F)
Paul Anderson 16:37 (F)
Amy Xu 23:23 (C)

Next week's time trial date/time will be held on Thur. night, at 7:00pm start for freestyle and 7:30pm start for classic, registration at 6:30pm.

--Amy Xu reporting for Race Director, Melinda Silbernick