Pine Valley Series Results

February 5, 2008
Temperature: 21 degrees F.
Wind: North 6 mph
Sky: Mostly cloudy
Snow: Heavily groomed transformed snow mixed with dusting of new; average gliding
Grooming: Excellent Ginzu-groomed skate lane completed earlier in the day

Notes: Another nice group of newcomers and regulars came out for the third week of the Tuesday Night Lights series at Pine Valley. Last week’s event was canceled due to the ice and very cold temperatures. A few passes with the Ginzu groomer earlier in the day provided excellent skating conditions for this week’s event. Matt Zak made the trip from Eveleth to lead tonight’s group. It was Matt’s first time skiing at Pine Valley. As usual, plenty of hot chocolate, bananas, cookies, and other treats were served up inside Spafford Chalet after the skiing was done. Pine Valley was a busy place once again with many x-c skiers and ski jumpers out enjoying a nice evening. Same time, same place next Tuesday.

5 Kilometer Skate Event

1. Matt Zak               13:30
2. Greg Williams 14:42
3. Brent Smith 15:39
4. Tom Urbanski 17:37
5. Arvid Brekke 18:15
6. Mark Hagen 18:16
7. Rob Sobczak 12:25-one lap, youth
8. Steve Howells 16:24-classic skier
Karen Williams, registration and timing