Elm Creek Series Results

December 23, 2009
Conditions: Temperature: 27F, starting with a little wind and no blowing snow (for the skate race) to the light blizzard condition (towards the end of the classic race); full 2.5 km man-made Valley Trail loop; mostly natural snow, hard-packed fast crystal/heavy moisture type for the skate race, to new moist snow on top towards the end of the classic race; classic tracks are set well until the arrival of the new snow.
Race distance: 2 laps of 2.5km (5K total), both classic and freestyle, mass start.
Anders Bowman          12:13 (F)                      male winner (F)
Jon Miller             12:22 (F)/15:30 (C)
John Kallemeyn         12:26 (F)
Blake Gust             12:29 (F)
Logan Smestad          12:44 (F)/15:31 (C)
Ethan Evenson          13:20 (F)
Erick Anderson         13:23 (F)
Oumar Cherif           13:53 (F)
Brett LaPlante         13:57 (F)
Ken Gilkerson          14:21 (F)
Brandon Wold           14:27 (F)/18:24 (C)
Jenny Beckman          14:32 (F)                      female winner (F)
Christi Nowak          14:41 (F)
Michael Meehlhause     15:02 (F)
Sarah Fleming          15:13 (F)
Unknown/unregistered skier      /15:26 (C)            male winner (C)
Robert Nelson          15:30 (F)
Danielle Berndt        15:43 (F)/20:41(C)             female winner (C)
Jason Bolz             15:47 (F)
William Risse          15:50 (F)
Ben Dubay                       /16:02 (C)
Danielle Buymeier      16:12 (F)
Dave Kallemeyn         16:17 (F)
Julie Kallemeyn        16:18 (F)
Rich Spielberg         16:46 (F)/23:23 (C)
Mary Kallemeyn         16:57 (F)
Annika Ferber          17:25 (F)
Mike Risse             17:47 (F)
Andrea Polyondy-Smith  17:59 (F)
Max Maimel             19:13 (F)
Else Gale              19:44 (F)
Owen Eerdmans/Team Strong Heart /16:35 (C) – 1 lap (8 year-old!!!)
Rose Eerdmans/Team Strong Heart /18:41 (C) – 1 lap (10 year-old!!!)

Owen & Rose, you are the trooper!!! No hills can stop you two!!! Your mom, dad and the rest of Team Strong Hearts are so proud of you!!!

Happy holiday!!! See you next Wednesday.

Race Director -- Melinda Silbernick
Timer/Results -- Amy Xu