Elm Creek Series Results

December 30, 2009

Conditions: Temperature: 16F, windchill at about 3F, hard-packed with less than 1/2 inch of new natural snow on top making the skiing condition pleasantly fast; full 5 km lit trails including the Valley Trail loop, Thicket and Northern Light trails. Skating lanes are nicely groomed; and classic tracks are very well set.

Race distance: 1 lap of 5km (5K total), both classic and freestyle, mass start.

John Kallemeyn          12:16 (F)               male winner (F)
Trevor Drake            12:28 (F)
Erick Anderson          12:35 (F)
Jared Sundstrom         12:37 (F) 
John Wessling           12:40 (F) 
Oumar Cherif            13:39 (F) 
Christi Nowak           14:38 (F)/17:46 (C)     female winner for both (F) and (C) 
Lucas Tomsich           14:46 (F)
Balze Fugina            15:15 (F)
Katelyn Engel           15:19 (F) 
Steph Seymour           15:40 (F)
Tim Hieb                17:52 (F) 
Hanna Zerfas            18:15 (F) 
Megan Ulrich            20:09 (F) 
Mark Winholtz           20:19 (F) 
Kurtis Ulrich           24:57 (F) 
Jennifer Mead                      /19:23 (C)
Happy New Year!!! See you next Wednesday.
Race Director -- Melinda Silbernick
Timer/Results -- Amy Xu