Elm Creek Series Results

February 3, 2010

Conditions: Temperature: 20F, wind-chill 10F; classic tracks are well groomed and fast, and most sections of the skating lanes are fast with a few sections felt slow if the skis are not wax right!!! Full 5 km lit loop including Valley Trail, Thicket Trail, and Northern Light Trail.
Race distance: 1 lap of 5K, both classic and freestyle, mass start.

Chip Tabor                           12:56 (F) male winner (F)
Jason Bolz                           14:21 (F)
Peter Aggen                          14:23 (F) 
Jenni O’Link                         15:47 (F) female winner (F)
Andrea Potyandy-Smith                16:18 (F)/22:45(C) female winner (C)
Ben Lindberg                         16:20 (F)                
Ralph Schwartz                       17:10 (F)
Eric Storhoff                        17:43 (F)
Mark Winholtz                        17:59 (F)/23:20 (C)
Jim Smith                                     /19:14 (C) male winner (C)
Race Director -- Melinda Silbernick
Timer/Results -- Amy Xu