Rainbow Rendezvous Results

by Amy Xu
March 6, 2010
Conditions: Temperature: 29F, no wind, cloudy; crusty icy covered trails and tracks making the today's race condition super fast.

Race summary: 29 skiers from Twin Cities, Detroit Lakes, Park Rapids, Fargo-Moore/ND-MN, Ames/IA, Norway hit the race courses in the morning. Course records were broken by our local rising star skier, Jake Richards, and Birkie veteran skier, Craig Stolen. The fast icy condition made the 10k, 16k, and 6k courses fun yet challenging. The common comments from the finishers were "fun", "fast, and "icy too". It kind of reminded the Birkie veterans the year of 2002. The classic tracks were well set, klister condition and very fast. The skiers visiting from Norway were surprised by the hills they skied and loved it!

10 km course includes the JOQ course, Top of Rainbow and beyond, and the 16 km course includes the 10 km course and 6K tour course.

Race distance: 10K skate, 16K classic, and 6K tour, mass start.

10k Freestyle (F) -- male

--Age Group 19 and Under:

Jake Richards 24:41 male winner (Freestyle)

Dyland Ramstad-Skoyles 25:34

--Age Group 30-34:

Dan Josephson 30:54

--Age Group 35-39:

Jason Sannes-Venhnizen 25:30

Al Shurons 26:30

Gregory Haugen 35:26

Scott Kragerud 44:32

--Age Group 40-44:

Craig Stolen 24:58

--Age Group 50-54:

Charles Ramstad 39:34

--Age Group 55-59:

Jeffrey Quam 33:46

10k Freestyle (F) -- female

--Age Group 19 and Under:

Berit Ramstad-Skoyles 34:58 female winner (Freestyle)

Morgan Nodsle 51:58

--Age Group 25-29:

Nikki Caulfield 48:19

--Age Group 40-44:

Kelly Sassi 37:14

16k Classic (C) -- male
--Age Group 45-49:

Peter Fritzell 1:43:50 male winner (Classic)

--Age Group 60-64:

Alan Newton 2:01:53

Harold Newton 2:01:54


6k Tour -- male

--Age Group 19 and Under:

Jon Richards 24:18 male winner

Alex Sassi 32:58

David Gresbakken 45:48

Max Sassi 54::30

--Age Group 40-44:

Ken Kozachok 43:04

6k Tour -- female

--Age Group 19 and Under:

Julie Therese Greshakken 45:51 female winner (Tour)

Emilie Betina Greshakken 52:20

--Age Group 30-34:

Stephanie Haugen 46:47

--Age Group 35-39:

Moyfrid Gresbakken 52:21

--Age group 50-54:

Joyce Newton 47:38

--Age group 55-59:

Rebecca Smith 1:02:43

--Age group 60-64:

Betsy Newton 1:14:26