Elm Creek Series Results

December 15, 2010

Conditions: Temperature: 17F, no wind, nice skiing condition. The race course was set on the full 5K loop including Valley, Thicket and Northern Light trails, Valley trails being mostly natural snow with only a couple of sections mixed with newly man-made snow spread from the tubing hill areas, much softer base compared to the last two weeks and some loose snow on top. The course is much smoother with only one section a bit bumpy on the skate lanes. The warm temperature kept classic skiers switching the gears to skate skis, though the tracks were very nicely set.

Race distance: 5K, both classic and freestyle, mass start.

Eric Carter           13:19 (F)- men's freestyle winner 
John Kallemeyn        13:20 (F)
Ryan Skinner          13:21 (F)
Jay Wenner            13:22 (F)
Robert Hest           15:50 (F)
Ralph Schwartz        17:51 (F)
Tim Hieb              18:14 (F)
Rich Hoban            18:17 (F)
Dan Boyles            21:52 (F)

The lead group of 4 fought the race from the beginning and pushed each other all the way to the end giving whatever they got. A second difference is more like a half or a quarter of a second if they crossed the line under the laser beam. Everyone had a smile on their face. After all, it is a low key yet high performance/intensity mid-week TT, for young and less young, old and less old. Thanks for coming out. Tim, you have been improving your time every week!!!

John, you are the Winner of tonight's drawing ($25 gift certificate) -- please come and claim it next week.

--Amy Xu (Timer) reporting for Race Director, Melinda Silbernick