Black Lake Loppet Results

December 31, 2010

Held in the "eye" of the storm, nine degrees. 8 inches of snow the last 16 hours.

Times don't mean a lot, because it is unknown who took which, if any, shortcuts.

Full Course Champions:   Ryan Rogers, Bailey Drewes

Total Number of Skiers:  55

Open Class Skate - Men Ryan Rogers 31:32 Ryan Aylesworth 38:10 Andy Gustafson 43:09 John Mueller 45:22 Robert Saxton 50:19 Open Class Classic Mark Walters 35:57 Jon Shorter 40:55 Wes Rogers 42:05 Dan Rogers 44:09 David Harrington 45:35 Chris Bowman 46:05 Max Roszkowski 46:95 Ken Grantier 46:34 Ken McBride 47:44 Ev Arnold 47:49 Eddie Dehler'Seter 49:22 Jeremy Fayette 50:14 Roger Hellquist 55:50 Boy's Classic Tommy Saxton 44:11 Louie Saxton 47:35 Louis Morrissey 54:23 Ben 55:30 Untimed Men Mark Morrissey Quinn Morrissey John Tibstra Open Class Skate - Women Laura Edwards 39:31 Kaitlin Bakker 42:35 Hannah Lash 42:53 Hannah Marty 45:34 Alicia Papke-Larson 49:51 Lisa Boulay 50:11 Inga Roen 59:01 Racheal Lash 59:01 Freya Probst 1:02:00 Open Class Classic Bailey Drewes 40:42 Laura Rogers 48:19 Annette Drewes 55:29 Kristina Lengerhuis 56:00 Mari Eggebo 56:00 Untimed Women Sue Tibstra Monica Hansmeyer Family Untimed Tom, Dawn, Hannah Heuett Stacy, Nick, Zoe Fayette Susie Human, Charlotte Saxton Team Larson 13th Person to cross the line: Jeremy Fayette Longest Distance from home: Laura Edwards, New Zealand Gluten Free Participant who ate no donuts: Not Named. He who ate the most donuts: Ben Largest family group: Saxton/Human