Tuesday Night Lights at Pine Valley

by Tom Urbanski
February 1, 2011
Temperature: 5 degrees F
Wind: 15 mph N, gusts to 21 mph (described as "nasty")
Snow: slow
Grooming: Recently groomed, excellent skate lane and classic track
Distance: 5 kilometers (two lighted loops)

Timed Division:
1. Hansi Johnson	16:32 skate
2. Greg Williams	17:07 classic
3. Brian Zuck		20:42 skate
4. Brance Modin		22:08 skate
5. Tom Urbanski		22:32 classic
6. Mark Hagen		22:33 classic

No-Pressure-Just-For-Fun Division, sponsored by the Pine Valley Clydesdales:
Dale Langila
John Laine

Timing Volunteer:
Karen Williams

Notes: It was a very chilly night on the trail due to the gusty winds and windchill. Trail was groomed to perfect conditions, but the new, cold snow was slow for gliding. The big action at Pine Valley for the evening was on the ski jumps as the Cloquet Ski Club was hosting a jumping meet with the club from Coleraine. About 50 young jumpers were out having fun on the jumps and lots of spectators were in the Spafford Chalet.

Next Event: The last event of the four-week series is Tuesday, February 8. Skiing starts at about 6:30 p.m., arrive a few minutes early to register. All abilities welcome, absolutely free to everyone. No trail fee required.