Finding Rainbow

by Amy Xu
January 8, 2012

Overnight 1.5” new snow was added on top of the hard packed natural snow with 2-3” base at Rainbow Resort trail system. After final touch grooming at 10pm, Rainbow Resort presented the best of the season and fast and firm base skating track for the 2012 FINDING RAINBOW 21K race event. The morning temp rose from 24F to 30F at the end of the race. Local skier Brad Kuzel crushed the field and won easily in the men’s field in the 21K freestyle. Fargo/Moorhead ski club and Maple Grove ski club along with Life Time Fitness runners also participated in the ski race. In the women’s division, Beth Maus won the 21K freestyle, and Melinda Silbernick took the women classic title. Mass start. 6 laps of 3.5K natural snow.

The course condition is great!!! Thanks to Doug Schumann for the excellent care and grooming of the trails and making this happening. Classic tracks are half good, and the other half are thin. The unpacked remaining course is good too with a few thin areas that face the sun. We are all very happy to get a good training race in.



21K Freestyle (F)/Classic (C)


Brad Kuzel                    1:03:27 (F)

Jeffrey Quam                 1:11:55 (F)

Beth Maus                    1:35:04 (F)

Melinda Silbernick          1:38:27 (C)

Tim LaCroix                   1:38:47 (F)



3.5K, 7K, 14K Tour


Tamara Snyder

Paulette Odenthal

Lisa Kresky-Griffin

Lea Walls

Michael Chiappteta

Noelle Andrycowicz

Rebecca Smith

Amy Xu


Race director – Amy Xu”