Saving XC Skiing Day Results

by Amy Xu
February 12, 2012

Conditions: Temperature (10am-2:30pm): 10F-20F, blue sky, calm, no wind, very firm and hard-packed ski trails (natural snow), fast racing condition with crystal granular in some sections, very well prepared and groomed trails, great A ski racing conditions, classic tracks set very firm for classic skiers, fast glide. It was an excellent racing condition day!!! The race course consists of multiple laps of 7.5K for race distances 15K (2 laps), 22.5K (3 laps), and 45K (6 laps).

Race distance: 15K, 22.5K, 45K, both classic and freestyle, mass start.

Race Results:

15K Classic
Austin Askelson                1:05:33 (male classic winner)
15K Freestyle
Terry Holm                     0:50:33 (male freestyle winner)
Daniel Giesch                  1:19:42
Nikki Caulfield                1:50:48 (female freestyle winner)
Jay Richardson                 1:52:13
22.5K Classic
Dan Josephson                  1:23:31 (male classic winner)
Ben Koenig                     1:40:49
Arnie Ostgarden                1:59:30
22.5K Freestyle
Lars Ellefson                  1:02:55 (male freestyle winner)
Jonathon Schupp                1:10:49
Jack Ellefson                  1:14:18
Luke Novak                     1:17:05
Anne Ellefson                  1:17:58 (female freestyle winner)
Jeffrey Quam                   1:32:40
Nicole Thorndal                1:39:57
45K Classic
Tom Dooher                     3:39:22 ((male classic winner)
Terry Vacek                    4:14:10
45K Freestyle
Ryan Rogers                    2:22:36 (male freestyle winner)
Dennis Curran                  2:28:48
Brad Kuzel                     2:38:45
Brian Kacter                   2:42:40
Adam Kempenich                 2:43:44
Dylan Ramstad                  2:46:56
Knut Ronnevix                  3:06:44
Jackie Devine                  3:32:00 (female freestyle winner)

Sunday’s SAVING XC SKIING DAY race events held at RAINBOW RESORT were a blast! Skiers and spectators from Minnesota (Little Falls, Brainerd, Detroit Lakes, Moorhead, Park Rapids, Bemidji, Twin Cities), North Dakota (Fargo and Grand Folks), Missouri, and South Dakota, came and enjoyed a day of skiing. The SAVING XC SKIING DAY race events were held on the fabulous RAINBOW RESORT xc ski trail system, fully prepared, designed and groomed 7.5K trails. Big smiles on skiers’ faces and post-race thanks filled the day with joy and fun. The resort guests also enjoyed a day of skiing as well as cheering for the racers. Quite a few racers, who had registered for 40th anniversary Mora Vasaloppet marathon races which had to cancel due to no snow last Sat., got in a great marathon distance race today. The racers were also pumped up by the 45K long distance marathon training race to prepare for their upcoming Finnlandia and Birkie races in the next two weekends. RAINBOW RESORT brought out the best volunteer crew, facility, as well as the rock music system for the event. Thanks to the resort trail groomers (Doug, Keith, Sandy) and many other volunteers who helped put this short notice race together for those who would not have had an opportunity to log in particularly the long marathon distance ski race this weekend. We are very blessed with the help of RAINBOW RESORT and the amount of snow it has on the trails. RAINBOW RESORT will celebrates its upcoming 10th annual RAINBOW RENDEZVOUS xc ski race on March 3, 2012, and welcomes all skiers to this great event.