Black Lake Loppet

March 4, 2012
74 Skiers
14 Dozen Donuts
18 Degrees Start, 23 Degrees Finish
Winds light and variable
Trails: Hard packed and Firm
Snow: Medium Fast

Flight WInners:

Long Johns & Bismarks: Quinn Morrisey and Louis Morrisey
Glazed and Confused: Tommy Saxton and Luis Saxton
Deep Fat Fried: Lee Scotland
Dunkin' Donuts: Atomic Thorson
Donut Holes: Jenna Truedson
Sugar Dusters: Madeline Treuer
French Twists: Mark Walters
Icing on the Cake: Eli Rassler

Wood Ski Division: Don Domeier

Loudest Pants: Charlie Parsons
No Pants: Leif Ronnander
Pointiest Hat: Shylan Rose
Global Climate Change: Michael Meelhause
First Time on Skis: Kendra Cobb
Re-use Champ: Doug Johnson
(gatorade, then Wild Rice Soup, then home brew
all from the same paper cup!)
Best snow angel: Michael Meelhause

Winners of Raffle Ticket for Ski Team Canoe raffle:
1. Sharleen Sperle
2. Leif Ronnander
3. Ryan Ayelsworth
4. Anders Johnson

(tickets available from BHS xc ski team members, only 75 will be sold)

13th Place 6 Foot Trophy: Leif Ronnander