Deb Maki

December 10, 2013

Mesabi East XC Skiing Invitational Info

Dear Ski Coaches:


Here you will find all the information you will need for the Mesabi East Invite.   I beg you to make a hard copy of the linked PDFs at this time and make sure you read the info and get registered on time.   There is also a spaghetti feed to RSVP to and t-shirt information for those who want it.   It is imperative that you register your skiers before Christmas break so no teams are forgotten.   We have had coaches who had hotel rooms and forgot to register their team in the past – please make sure this doesn’t happen to you.    Please do not wait until race week to get your questions answered. 

Coaches Information (registration/timing, payments, etc)

Meet Information (times, fees, entries, passes, etc)

Spaghetti Feed (details, RSVP)

The on-line site: is up and running.   The contact person is Gayle Rich –    Sam Graci of Superior Timing can be reached at

Plenty of snow this year here at Giants Ridge.   John said this week-end there will be 58K of trail open!!




Deb Maki - Volunteer

Race Coordinator

1-800-688-7669, ext 8072