Minnesota High School Nordic Skiing Rankings - Round 4

January 20, 2020

It's been entirely too long since the last round of rankings -- a lot of important results have rolled in, including Mesabi East, US Nationals, loads of high school meets, and now JNQ races last weekend in Coleraine.   We've crunched the data and taken our best shot at it...


Things are heating up in the rankings, no doubt!  Those that appeared unassailable earlier in the season are suddenly being challenged.  And there is just a lot of tough battles being fought each meet.

One of the most exciting battles is the dual between Libby Tuttle, Stillwater, and Lauren McCollor, Wayzata.  This past weekend, McCollor finally broke the strangle hold Tuttle had at the top, tying Tuttle in the freestyle race (both had spectacular results, and tying in an individual start is incredible!), and then facing off head-to-head in the mass start race on Sunday, McCollor made the decisive move to win by over 20 seconds in the 10K classic.  McCollor earns the top ranking, but don't expect this battle to be settled until the State Meet.  

The remaining gals in the top ten are all making strong progress, and the ordering could be shuffling on a meet by meet basis. And honestly, even the skiers in the top 20 could be mixed into the top 10; really some very closely matched competitors. Some recent high notes: Winona's Skillicorn turned on the classic to win Mesabi; Margo Nightigale, MPA, had a breakout performance at Mt. Itasca.

Henry Snider charges to victory in juniors 10K classic, Mt. Itasca JNQ, January 19, 2020 (Credit: Alex Kelling)

The boys division has also had it's share of high drama.  Mt. Itasca was not the best weekend for Cooper Lennox, Mora, but we're not quite ready to bump him off the top spot yet.  Henry Snider, MPA, finally gets some respect as he had his own breakout weekend, winning the boys mass start 10K classic in Coleraine.  If they all make it to State, Lennox, Snider along with James Schneider, Wayzata, and Roger Anderson, Robbinsdale-Armstrong, will be the heavy favorites to be screaming down into the stadium for the boys title.  The rest of the top 10, maybe top 15, are making things difficult in the rankings as they seem to one-up each other in the next race.  A number of those skiers excel in one technique, only to fall back in the other.   So don't put too much emphasis on those rankings, it's pretty soft.

Teams are still a weak point in the rankings, as it's very difficult to get a good take on head-to-head comparisons.  Mesabi East comes the closest, but the format of that meet (each skier only does one technique) doesn't mesh well with standard meet scoring.  Right now, the Forest Lake teams, both boys and girls, look the most dangerous.  The boys have a fantastic squad that earns them the top ranking.  But the St. Cloud Cathedral-Sartell crew is almost like their clone, so expect a great battle at State.  Wayzata boys are holding the second place with the rise of Colin Freed.  But keep an eye on Ely boys (never getting enough respect), and the quiet St. Paul Highland Park gang.

On the girls side, St. Paul Highland Park girls keep the top ranking, but it won't be a cake walk.  Forest Lake girls are coming on strong, Duluth East is also surging, and Stillwater ain't gonna back down from frenemies Forest Lake.  It's shaping up to be another exciting State Meet!

We're hoping to crank out one more round of rankings before sections, so coaches, please keep those high school meet results rolling in!

Boys Individual

  1. Cooper Lennox, Mora, 12
  2. Henry Snider, Mounds Park Academy, 12
  3. James Schneider, Wayzata, 12
  4. Roger Anderson, Robbinsdale-Armstrong, 11
  5. Colin Freed, Wayzata, 11
  6. Jasper Johnston, Ely, 11
  7. Zach Nemeth, St. Cloud Cathedral-Sartell, 12
  8. William Nemeth, St. Cloud Cathedral-Sartell, 12
  9. Isak Nightingale, Mounds Park Academy, 10
  10. Noah Erickson, Forest Lake, 10

Cusp: CJ Young, Maple Grove, 12; Adrik Kraftson, Stillwater, 10; Ben Boelter, St. Cloud Cathedral-Sartell, 12; Sam Stertz, Grand Rapids, 11; Zach Spears, Eden Prairie, 12; Victor Sparks, Mpls Southwest, 11; Ethan Erickson, Forest Lake, 12; Magnus O'Connor, Prior Lake, 11; Jacob Rochelle-Share, Mpls Southwest, 12; Cole Johnson, St. Paul Highland Park, 12

Girls Individual

  1. Lauren McCollor, Wayzata, 11
  2. Libby Tuttle, Stillwater, 12
  3. Molly Moening, St. Paul Highland Park, 10
  4. Gretchen Haggenmiller, Duluth East, 12
  5. Margo Nightingale, Mounds Park Academy, 9
  6. Jordan Parent, Forest Lake, 9
  7. Amelea Hauer, Forest Lake, 11
  8. Morgan Richter, Edina, 12
  9. Ingrid Halverson, Wayzata, 11
  10. Margaret Dalseth, Visitation, 11

Cusp: Celeste Alden, St. Paul Highland Park, 11; Anni Skillicorn, Winona-Winona Cotter, 12; Sydney Peterson, Stillwater, 12; Linnea Urban, Hastings, 11; Kaisa Bosek, Alexandria, 11; Sudie Hall, Mpls Southwest, 11; Elsa Viren, Grand Rapids, 11; Clara Kramer, Duluth East, 12; Abby Ellenbecker, Coon Rapids, 12; Emma Bratvold, Hastings, 11

Boys Teams

  1. Forest Lake
  2. Wayzata
  3. St. Cloud Cathedral-Sartell
  4. Ely
  5. St. Paul Highland Park
  6. Mpls Southwest
  7. Prior Lake
  8. Champlin Park
  9. Mora
  10. Mounds Park Academy

Cusp: Minnehaha Academy; Cloquet-Esko-Carlton; Mpls Washburn; Stillwater; Minnetonka; Robbinsdale-Armstrong; Eden Prairie; Grand Rapids; Coon Rapids; Marshall School

Girls Teams

  1. St. Paul Highland Park
  2. Forest Lake
  3. Stillwater
  4. Duluth East
  5. Edina
  6. Wayzata
  7. Mpls Southwest
  8. Eastview
  9. Mesabi East
  10. Maple Grove

Cusp: Eden Prairie; Ely; Brainerd; Hopkins; Mounds Park Academy; Mora; Robbinsdale-Armstrong; Winona-Winona Cotter; Grand Rapids; Coon Rapids

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