Chris Harvey

May 13, 2020

Minnesota Spring Virtual Heptathlon Invitation

Hi MN Club, High School and Loppet Sport Coaches
LNR invites you and your training groups to participate in a virtual spring heptathlon next week. For nordic skiers a spring 3km and some strength testing is a right of passage. We will be doing this test next week with our junior training group (about 30 athletes this spring), college age and adult groups.
Purpose - to give athletes a test/competitive outlet. Connect athletes and different training groups together. Invite other training groups, clubs to participate. Pick universe events - just need a track, stopwatch, and measuring tape. To have some tests that require a big effort (3km) and some that do not (handstand hold and standing long jump).
For everyone - adults, high school and college age athletes. Not recommended for 12 and younger. I will compile results for each event and score events world cup points style by age group (u16, u18, master, etc) and create an overall score for each age group
Social Distancing/COVID19 rules - all events are to be done individually. No groups. Just you against the clock. Please respect closed facilities/paks.

Day 1 May 18th or 19th

(obviously recommend big warm up)
1) 3000m run - 7.5 laps around the track. the classic spring test for skiers.
2) 200m run - classic track event. One for the sprinters.
3) handstand - total time you can hold freestanding in seconds. No walls, must kick up into hand stand.
4) Push ups in 60sec- Torso to ground. Knees can not touch the ground, can rest in plank or down dog. Must use watch to time 60 sec.
Day 1 Entry Form

Form entry will close at midnight on Tuesday May 19th.

Day 2 May 20th or 21st

1) 1600m run. Ah the mile. 4 laps around the track.
2) Strict Pull Ups. Arms extended all the way down and bringing the chin up to bar. Usually some good spots underneath bleachers or at a playground. Can rest while hanging but not getting off the bar. No time limit.
3) Standing Long Jump. Need a measuring tape laid out. Record distance in feet and inches (imperial units).
Day 2 Entry Form

Form entry will close at Midnight Thursday May 21st.
Chris and Piotr