John Burke

February 10, 2021

Wisconsin State Meet Posted Postponed to March 6-7

Coaches, with great reluctance, we are going to postpone the State Meet until March 6-7 which will be held at the Birkie Start. The decision today came down to looking at our race window that was going to be afforded from a temperature perspective and concluded the possibility of even getting in a race was going to be a longshot. Most models that we looked at had us maybe at a legal temperature for only a short period of time and some were completely below legal temps all day. The decision was made jointly with the League officers and the Birkie organization and the Organizing Committee in a conference call this afternoon. While this is disappointing, we feel that this was in the best interests of all involved primarily from a safety perspective, but also just being able to conduct a good competition that people enjoy being a part of. It should be noted that the North End Classic which is run on trails adjacent to the Birkie trails is also cancelling their event this weekend.

With that said, there will be no coaches meeting this evening. We will take a little breather and get our updated information shortly. I will be asking for new rosters since it is likely we will have individuals that will opt for the competition in the Twin Cities or just not be available And there may be some that will now want to come to the State Meet with a couple of weeks more practice under their belt.

We do again appreciate all the input and feedback you have provided all this week. It was very helpful in making our final decision and hopefully we can turn this around in a few weeks and have an event under better weather conditions that make the event more enjoyable but most importantly, safer. We look forward to seeing everyone at the rescheduled event and we can celebrate our sport.