2021 Collegiate Tally Board

April 21, 2021

Midwest high school skiing seniors:  What are your post-graduation plans? Are you planning to compete in Nordic skiing at the collegiate level?   Let us know your plans, we'll be posting regular updates on this page.    Drop an email to

Name High School College Joining Ski Team?
Colin Freed Wayzata Michigan Tech Univ Yes
Lauren McCollor Wayzata Northern Mich Univ Yes
Linnea Urban Hastings St. Scholastica Yes
Ingrid Halverson Wayzata Michigan Tech Univ Yes
Roger Anderson Robbinsdale-Armstrong Univ of New Hampshire Yes
Analee Weaver Stillwater Brigham Young Univ No (CC/track)
Declan Hutchinson Marshall School St. Michaels Univ Yes
Margaret Dalseth Visitation Cornell Univ No (CC/track)
Liv Myers Stillwater Bates College Yes
Ella Bakken Eden Prairie Augustana Univ No (CC/track)
Jesse Peterson St.Paul Highland Park Univ of Wisconsin-Eau Claire No (CC/track)
Victor Sparks Minneapolis Southwest Colby College Yes
Sudie Hall Minneapolis Southwest US Military Academy West Point No
Jasper Johnston Ely Michigan Tech Univ Yes
Amelea Hauer Forest Lake Univ of New Hampshire Yes
Jonathan Hudrlik Forest Lake Michigan Tech Univ No #
Etta Leugers Minneapolis Washburn St. Lawrence Univ Yes
Soren Davidson Minnehaha Academy Bates College Yes *
Declan Rodefeld Irondale Univ of Wisconsin-Green Bay Yes
Kaisa Bosek Alexandria Paul Smith’s College Yes

* Taking one season off from college to train and compete at a higher level.
% Entering college this fall after taking time off for training/competition.
# Plan to ski with college club group.