Racing Outlook

  • Jan 17 Pre-Loppet (Minneapolis, MN)  

    • Jan 16 update:
      Note changes in the course, and earlier start time. Read their latest update.
      - Bruce Adelsman
    • Jan 11 update:
      Pre-Loppet is on! As of Monday evening, plan for the 15K course was to start on Wirth Lake and use many of the natural snow trails heading up to the Trailhead finishing on the extensive trails by the chalet and Trailhead. The 5K race will use mostly the snowmaking loop with a section of the golf course. They will be implementing wave starts with pods of 10 skiers at regular intervals. Note: Registration closes Thursday night! Check their website for full details.
      - Bruce Adelsman
    • Dec 9 update:
      Pre-Loppet is planning a semi-virtual event in addition to in-person races. No further details have been issued at this time.
      - Bruce Adelsman

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