Racing Outlook

  • Jan 15 Pre-Loppet (Minneapolis, MN)  

    • Jan 13 update:
      Pre-Loppet course has been official modified to eliminate the Wirth Lake and Jar Hill sections.   The wooden bridge crossing over Bassett Creek (to JD Gardens) may encounter narrow two way traffic. The infamous Judy loop has been groomed out and will be used on the final lap around the North Wirth trails.   Read the full update.
      - Bruce Adelsman
    • Jan 12 update:
      The trails are super awesome! We are planning to use most of the course only leaving off Wirth Lake (too much slush, a little bit less than 2K) and Jar Hill. But Twin Lakes is now open! And we are told that with a jig and a jag nearly all of Judy (we will gain back a chunk of the Wirth Lake distance) will be groomed for us as well! Fat Bikes: we are looking for a few alternative cutoffs on Judy to avoid the big hills that don’t work so well for you, including a fun singletrack section on Conundrum.
      - Paul Johnson
    • Jan 9 update:
      While all the snow has been great for our natural snow land trails, it has not been kind on the lakes-lots of slush making grooming impossible. The snow is insulating the slush below so it is not freezing. It is looking like we will need to leave Wirth Lake and the Jar Hill loop off the long course.
      - Paul Johnson

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