Racing Outlook

  • Jan 29 Lumberjack Jaunt (Brainerd, MN)  

    • NewJan 25 update:
      A school ski race had been moved to the Northland Arboretum on Saturday January 30th. Because of this the open track 8 km course will be marked starting Thursday the 28th through Sunday the 31st. The school races will be using the trails from around 8:00 am through about 4:30 pm Saturday. If you are planning to ski your Jaunt on Saturday consider skiing at a different trail system than the Arboretum to reduce the number of people at the Arb on Saturday. In the Brainerd area the French Rapids, Larson Lake, and Foresview Middle School trails are all in good shape and are great places for a Saturday Jaunt.
      - Owen Baird
    • Dec 9 update:
      For 2021, the Lumberjack Jaunt will be an informal open track event with the course open Jan 29-31, Friday-Sunday. Participants can ski whatever distance/technique they want, whenever they want.
      - Owen Baird

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