Racing Outlook

  • Jan 16 Cable JNQ/Super Cup/CCSA (Cable, WI)  

    • Jan 12 update:
      By live-streaming the CXC Cup we hope to minimize number of spectators at the venue as well as athletes and coaches in the start/finish area to prevent the spread of COVID 19. To achieve this our livestream will focus on two main objectives. 1) To showcase as many competitors as possible at the start and finish lines for parents, family members and friends watching the event at home. 2) Provide athletes, coaches and volunteers realtime race progress in the stadium area as they get ready for their competition.
      - Yuriy Gusev
    • Jan 11 update:
      Races are being held at the Birkie trailhead in Cable. 5K and 3K courses, using a mix of manmade and natural snow. Registration for the events closes Tuesday night!
      - Bruce Adelsman

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