Racing Outlook

  • Jan 15 HinderBinder (Camp Forest Springs, WI)  

    • Jan 10 update:
      It looks like we will have great snow conditions for the Hinderbinder race (on the trails, not on the lake like last year) . The trails have been widened a bit to accommodate the Pisten Bully groomer; the course is still just as hilly as ever, but a little safer for skiers. Adult racers can choose between one or two laps around the 12.5km course, with drink stations at the 6k, 11k, 12.5k, 18.5k and 24k points. The high school race is 7.8km and the middle school course is 3.5km long. Lunch is available (for purchase), served outdoors, near the race start/finish area. Upon arrival at Forest Springs, you will be directed where to park and where to pick up race info, etc. We expect a large number of high school and middle school racers, so we encourage you to arrive plenty early. Racers may register on race day but can save $10 (and help us plan) by registering (on the Forest Springs website or by calling Forest Springs) by January 12.
      - Scott Everson

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