Racing Outlook

  • Jan 16 HinderBinder (Camp Forest Springs, WI)  

    • Jan 15 update:
      For the Hinderbinder race it will be a 4k loop that uses the lake and an adjoining trail and the lower part of the ski hill. Your good skis should be fine. The race will be 4 laps around the 4k course.
      - Scott Everson
    • Jan 11 update:
      We will definitely have a race, but won't decide until Thursday between a couple of options: 1) If we get about 3" or more of snow before Saturday, it will be as previously planned (one or two laps around a 12.5 k course), or 2) a combination of skiing about 1.5 k on the lake and 2k on trails (entering/exiting to the lake) and skiing up and down the lower half of the ski hill, with adult ski racers doing several laps (5?). Middle school skiers will do one lap, high school skiers two laps. Check the Forest Springs website for updates.
      - Scott Everson

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