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Bloomington, MN
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Hyland revamped their entire trail system in 1999, fixing tricky corners and laying down brand new pavement. Daily or annual fee required. Note: Hyland recently posted notice that no poling should be done on the trails on days over 80F. Pros: Very smooth pavement with a great variety to the terrain. Cons: Two road crossings; somewhat busy, especially on weekends; asphalt a little soft on hot days.
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Monday, May 30, 2022
Firsthand: Freestyle 
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At my 5:45 pm start, the dry sections of the trail were superb for rollerblading. The shaded, still wet sections frequently had slippery seed litter, twigs or small branches on it, which included the northern-most and especially the southern- and southeastern-most sections of the perimeter trail. I had just about cleared the last of the slippery southeastern section when a twig wedged into my right skate's wheels and froze them. I rode it out for a while but finally physics won out and twisted me off to the narrow shoulder. I was headed for a tree at that point and twisted back towards the pavement and went to my knees and ultimately shoulder. Fortunately, the ground was wet and soft and all I got was a small abrasion on my right knee. Skated the rest of the trail with no problem Hopefully things will be better when trail totally dries out and/or is swept.
(Keith Carlson)