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The asphalt paved bike trail runs around Medicine Lake and through French Park. The Medicine Lake loop is about 8 miles around and follows the lakeshore for about half of that distance and goes through parks and neighborhoods for the rest. Features include two boardwalks on the south end of the lake, French Park, East Medicine Lake Park, West Medicine Lake Park, and many hills. Pros: Great low-use bike trail. Very smooth surface. Access to good hills for technique training and intervals on the route and in the neighborhoods along the route. Access to the Luce line trail. Swimming beaches along the way to cool off. Cons: Finding your way is not trivial, bring a map or someone who knows the area. Warning: Do not use poles on the boardwalks unless you want to pull your arms out of their sockets. The Medicine Lake Loop also hooks up to the Luce Line trail at the southwest end of Medicine Lake. The Luce Line is paved from Medicine Lake west to Parkers Lake (about 3 miles). After that, the trail is a converted rail-bed made of crushed limestone. With off-road rollerskis, one can ski west as far as there heart desires (at least 30 miles). (Updated by Jon Faust)
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