Mt. Itasca Nordic Ski Assn

October 13, 2014

2014 Pre-season Training for Cross Country Skiers

For Middle School and High School Skiers

Program is organized by Mt. Itasca Nordic Ski Assn. (MINSA)

Get ready for ski season!

Date/s: Monday, October 27 - Thursday, November 6, 2014

Training Days: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu

Practice Time: 3:30pm - 5:15/5:30pm (Wed. might start earlier)


Mon & Wed - High School - Run, Plyometrics, Intervals, Strength, Games

Tue - Fairgrounds - Roller ski (or Roller blades) (strength, intervals, ski technique,...)

Thu - Mt. Itasca - Hill bounding, Strength, Run

Recommended equipment:

Tuesday - Roller skis (or Roller blades), poles (with RS tips), helmet (!), shin and knee guards (recommended).

Thursday - Ski poles (poles for classic technique!=shorter)

Cost for 2 week program: $50.00; Registration attached

Fee payable to: MINSA (Mt. Itasca Nordic Ski Association); due by October 27, 2014.

More information: Vladimir Cervenka, (218) 999-5046, Cell: (218) 256-8323,