Jessie Diggins Girls Workout at Lake Elmo

by Kris Hansen
November 7, 2019

Hey Coaches:

It was super fun to have a *neighborhood* workout with your girls yesterday.  Jessie talked about the importance of strength training as  part of a skier's toolbox.  She led a warm up run, dynamic stretching, plyos, relays, bounding and core.  She also led a few partner drills where the first step was to pair up with someone from another team...very cool to see everyone working together.  
The girls were very enthusiastic, gracious and appreciative.
We had girls from Stillwater, PWER, Forest Lake, Henry Sibley, Tartan, MPA, Hyland Park and Roseville...maybe a few others who were too shy to speak up with their school name.  :)
Thanks for encouraging attendance and thanks to Lake Elmo Park Reserve for providing well mowed trails and a brisk (but dry!!) afternoon.  Best wishes for your first day of practice next week! Think snow!
Kris Hansen


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