Allie Rykken
Rice Creek Boat Club

February 25, 2020

Rice Creek Boat Club Registration Open

Nordic skiing friends! Thinking about summer training yet? Well, no rush, but the Rice Creek Boat Club is here to offer you a highly compatible and FUN cross training option. 

Junior and Adult program registration is now available for summer 2020. We offer paddling instruction in canoeing, kayaking, stand-up paddle-boarding and surf-skiing, which all utilize similar muscle groups as ski poling and develops excellent power and endurance. We provide the boats, and have a range of recreation to racing options to fit your experience level and goals.

Here are the top reasons why YOU should check out paddling this summer:

  • Paddlesports are social! Whether you’re in a boat with someone, or working by yourself within a pack of boats, paddling is cooperative and advantageous as you learn wake-riding. Grab a buddy, or better yet, make a new buddy at your local Hoigaard’s Derby races. Experienced paddlers love teaching newcomers their skills, and you’ll end up paddling with lot of different people and making a lot of different friends.

  • So. Many. Boats. If you think you’ve been in a canoe before, try a racing canoe. They are light and fast and tippy, and they come in all different kinds - solo canoes, tandems, all the way up to 4-person or even large team Voyageur canoes. And then there’s kayaking and surf-skiing, sprint and marathon. Stand-up paddle-boarding (SUP) is a great leisurely cabin activity, but it’s also something you can do right here in the Cities, and is remarkably similar to double poling. The racing SUPs are sleek and speedy.

  • Like skiing, the “trail” is always a little different based on the weather, water conditions, where you go - lakes vs. rivers, who you’re with, etc.

  • Paddlesports are technical & strategic (which adds to the FUN!) Learn wake-riding, buoy turns, how to handle rough or shallow waters and even use them to your advantage. Learn how slight adjustments to your technique can make the boat move significantly faster!

  • …. And you can almost always go for a swim (on purpose) after your paddle! Who doesn’t want to spend this summer by the water?

The Rice Creek Boat Club is located on Long Lake in New Brighton. This summer, we are offering both adult and junior program options:


We will have a canoe program on Mondays, and kayak/surfski/SUP program on Wednesdays, both from 6:30 - 8:00 PM. Join both for a full paddling experience! We are offering two sessions to fit your busy summer schedules.


This year, we are offering one beginner session, exploring a variety of boats, as well as an intermediate session. This is a really open and flexible 4-week program and is focused on giving you a foundational understanding of boats and water safety, as well as building confidence in steering and boat handling with efficient paddling technique. If you just wish you had more time on the water and more time to train, we are also offering a Tuesday morning training option, where you can come, borrow a boat, follow a workout and get feedback from a coach, all before your workday starts. 

Partnership with Endurance United

We are excited to continue our partnership with Endurance United’s Development Team, who will be paddling together one day a week, as a way to diversify their training and focus on dynamic strength development. Most RCBC coaches are experienced nordic skiers or ski coaches themselves, which allows for a unique perspective of transferring skills.

Check out more information on all of our program options and events at