Chris Harvey

November 19, 2020

LNR Goes Virtual Next Four Weeks

Hi LNR Comp and Devo Teams - as expected all in person youth sports have been "paused" following Governor Walz Executive Order 20-99. Today will be the last day of in person practice for LNR devo and comp teams. We have had a great fall (over 70 athletes participating) and we will switch to a virtual training program the next 4 weeks - detailed training plans, zoom meetings, etc... like we did in the spring. 

Below I have copied and pasted some sections of the Executive Order that apply to us and what it means going forward these next four weeks. 

Outdoor Recreation Activity 
Individuals must not engage in outdoor recreational activities where they will come into close proximity with others from different households.

Social Gatherings
Social gatherings are prohibited. Social gatherings are groups of individuals, who are not members of the same household, congregated together for a common or coordinated social, community, or leisure purpose—even if social distancing can be maintained. This prohibition includes indoor and outdoor gatherings, planned and spontaneous gatherings, and public and private gatherings. 

LNR Notes - This means we can not get together in person for workouts or training sessions. You are not allowed to get together with people outside of your immediate household for training sessions. We have some great opportunities to train in groups this summer and fall and we ask everyone to complete their workouts alone these next 4 weeks. 

Out of State Travel 
MDH has traced over 16,000 cases to out-of-state travel since the outset of this pandemic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) warns that travel increases our chances of getting and spreading COVID-19 and that avoiding travel is the best way for us to protect ourselves and others. Our nearest neighbors—North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin—are experiencing some of the highest nationwide per capita increases in COVID-19 cases. It is simply not a good time for out-of-state travel that is anything short of essential, so this Order clarifies my recommendation that Minnesotans refrain from unnecessary out-of-state travel for the next four weeks and self-quarantine upon their return if they do decide to travel.

LNR does not support or promote any out of state travel during this time. Please stay home. 

Chris and Piotr